Good Habits

As we have said, it is best to practice every day, to build skill. If at all possible it is best to practice at the same time each day. When you first begin to learn magic, it is best to practice on an empty stomach. You should wear loose, comfortable clothes, or even better no clothes at all, and you should select a comfortable position to work in. All of these things will help you to be psychically "open."

It is good to light one or more candles before you do your exercise. The candles will act as "batteries", giving you extra energy. When a flame burns, it gives off energy, which will aid you in your exercise. Quartz crystal also serves to amplify the energy in this way, so it can be good to have some nearby, or even hold it during the exercise. Some people also like to use incense to help them shift their consciousness. Some good incenses to use are Sandalwood, or Frankincense, or Lavender. You can also use an essential oil. If you use oil, apply it to your forehead and the palms of your hands, as well as anywhere else you would like. The first exercises you will learn are two of the most important basic practices you should know. These are PSYCHIC SHIELDING and GROUNDING AND RELEASING. These two techniques are the cornerstone of good magical practice, and their importance cannot be stressed too much. In future lessons many other exercises will follow, but none are more important than these first two.

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