The "Exercises" section of these lessons will be devoted to giving you a series of exercises or meditations intended to develop your psychic and magic skills. Again, psychism and magic are essentially the same thing, psychism being receptive of spiritual influences, magic using these same skills actively to achieve specific ends.

Psychic-magical ability is rather like a muscle, which grows stronger with use. The more you exercise your abilities, the more abilities you will develop.In composing these lessons we have assumed that you know nothing, and are starting from scratch. We know that this is not true for all students, and that some will have already acquired considerable skill and ability. If you feel your level of skill is already far beyond these exercises, then think of them as a review of the basics, or perhaps a new view on the basics.

Soon enough succeeding lessons will present you with more challenging exercises. If you are starting from scratch and have never worked with these techniques before, practice them as much as possible. You should practice every day, and if it is possible for you, at the same time each day. If you cannot practice at the same time each day, it is good to try to do in the same part of the day -every morning, for example. This builds consistency and -believe it or not- really does make a difference to your progress.

How much you progress, and even whether you progress, depends on you. The time and effort you put in are what will determine your growth in magical ability. Like anything else, practice makes perfect.

These exercises rely heavily on VISUALIZATION. Visualization is a very important magical technique. In magic our goal is to focus our energy very strongly toward the thing we want to bring about. When you visualize something, you imagine it very strongly, picturing it very clearly. When you first try visualizing, you may have to close your eyes and try very hard. It gets easier with practice, and later you will be able to do it with your eyes open. When you visualize something, try to see it as clearly and strongly as you possibly can, a 3-D image - just as if you were looking at a physical object.

This is because you are using the image, and the focus and concentration that go into it, to shape energy. You are not idly imagining a pretty fantasy, but actually affecting the universe on an energetic level.

Some people find it difficult to visualize. If this is true for you, then try to imagine what the energy FEELS like, rather than just what it LOOKS like. But don't stop trying to visualize, as your ability to do so will improve with time, and the skill is of great importance.

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