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In LESSON #9 you learned ways of replenishing your energy after completing your daily routine of psychic exercises.

At this point your daily regimen should include Exercises #7, #8, #9, #13, #14, #15, and #16. In addition you should be doing Exercises #10, #17, #18, and #19 as needed.

To this we now add two new exercises. These draw upon the silver and gold energy that you have begun to use as replenishment since LESSON #9. These exercises should be added into the regimen directly after Exercise #16.


Imagine a ball of white light centered in your pelvic region. Visualize the light as pure and clear, with no cloudiness or mottling.

Imagine tiny silver sparks entering the light. Just a few at first, then more. See the light filling with glittering silver sparks, until at length the ball of light is completely filled with them -shimmering and scintillating like a ball of undulating silver glitter.

When this is clear in your mind, imagine the silver energy moving up from the ball through the middle of your body in a narrow beam. Visualize the silver energy shooting up through the top of your head, and showering down on all sides around you, like a geyser. Let this continue for a few moments. Then end your exercise routine as usual, by clearing and releasing.

Add this exercise to your daily routine. When you can do it easily, you are ready for Exercise #21.


As you might expect, Exercise #21 begins just like Exercise #20, except when you have the ball of white light clear in your mind you will imagine sparks of golden light entering it, instead of silver. Do the exercise just the same way in all other respects -see the ball of white fill with sparks of gold until it is full. Then see the glittering golden light shoot up through your body, emerge through the top of your head, and shower down around you like a fountain of golden glitter.

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