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As usual you should find a comfortable position in which to do your exercises. Begin by releasing, as you learned to do in LESSON 1. Do exercises #1, #2, and #3 as usual. Now you are ready for exercise #4.

Exercise #4

Exercise #4 involves your Solar Chakra. Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are both major Chakras and minor Chakras. The Solar Chakra is a major Chakra. You will learn more about Chakras in future lessons.

The Solar Chakra is located near the navel. For purposes of this exercise you should visualize the Solar Chakra as being behind the navel, at the center of the body. Chakras have many levels and can be worked with at the front of the body, the middle, or along the spine. Here we will work with it at the center.

Imagine a ball of yellow-white light at the Solar Chakra. Visualize this ball of light as being clear and bright, shining out in all directions like an internal Sun. If the ball of light is unclear or muddied, or dull, take a moment and concentrate on making it as clear and bright as possible.

Visualize the ball of light growing and expanding within you. Let it expand to fill your whole abdomen. Let it continue to expand until it is about three feet across. Each day as you repeat this exercise, make the ball of light expand farther. Let the ball of light expand as far as you can and still keep the image clear.

When you have expanded the ball, hold the image in your mind for a few moments. The longer you can hold the image, the better. If possible, expand the length of time you hold the image each day, or every few days.

Now, after opening and expanding the ball of light, and having held it for a time, you must close it. Imagine the ball of light slowly shrinking, back down to the spot behind your navel. The ball of light gets smaller and smaller until it disappears. Now imagine a tiny open door in the spot where the ball of light was, and see that door close.

Now clear and release as usual.

What you have done in this exercise is open, expand, and close your Solar Chakra. Chakras are much like the muscles of the physical body; they are strengthened by exercise. A strong Solar Chakra will be extremely important to the exercises you will learn in future lessons.

When you can do Exercise #4 easily, add Exercise #5 to your daily regimen.

Exercise #5

This exercise will follow the preceding one.

After you have closed the Solar Chakra you will move up to the Heart Chakra. The heart Chakra, as you might imagine, is located in the general area of the heart. Imagine the Heart Chakra as being approximately at the center of the chest. As in Exercise #4 we will work with the Chakra at the middle of the body, rather than the front or the spine.

Imagine a ball of pale pink light at the Heart Chakra. Clear, gentle pink light. If the light is muddy or dull, take a moment to imagine it clearing and brightening. Let this ball of light expand until it fills your chest.

In the center of this ball of pink light imagine a pink rose bud. See that bud begin to open, slowly spreading its petals like the flowers one sees in time-elapse photography. Let the pink rose bud unfold until the flower is fully revealed - a large and beautiful pink rose. From the center of this pink rose imaging light shining out in all directions - beautiful white or yellow-white light.

When this image is clear in your mind, hold it for awhile. Again, its best if you can increase the holding time each day.

Now you must close the Chakra. Imagine the ball of light with the rose inside beginning to shrink -growing smaller and smaller until it disappears. And again, just as in Exercise #4, imagine a tiny open door where the ball of light was, and see that door close.

As always, clear and release excess energy.

Exercise #6

Exercise #6 is a continuation of exercise #5. When you can do Exercise #5 easily, you will replace it with Exercise #6.

Exercise #6 begins just like Exercise #5. Imagine a ball of pink light in the Heart Chakra. Expand the ball of light. Visualize a rose bud within the ball of light, and see that rose expand until it is fully opened. See beautiful white or yellow-white light shining out from the rose.

Now, at the very center of the pink rose, see a gleaming white pearl, iridescent and lovely. Imagine the pearl floating out from the rose, out of your chest, and then upwards toward your face. See the pearl come to your lips and imagine taking the pearl into your mouth and swallowing it. Visualize the pearl as it goes down your throat - all the way down past the Heart Chakra to the Solar Chakra.

Now close the Heart Chakra as before - see the ball of light with the flower shrink down and disappear. Then imagine the tiny open door and close it.

Now clear and release as per usual.

There are many schools of thought about the Chakras. Some of these are ancient. Some are very recent. Not all of these schools of thought agree.

It is not our purpose to discuss these differences in thought at this time. In writing these lessons we are working from a single, coherent system regarding the Chakras. As with everything else, some sources will agree with us, some sources will disagree with us. We present it as being the preferred Correllian system, not as the only system.

The Solar Chakra is of immense importance to your ability to work with these Exercises. Chakras are energy centers and they form connections which act as energy centers in the body. The first and most important of these is the SOLAR CIRCUIT. It is called the Solar Circuit because it has its origin in the Solar Chakra. The Solar Chakra is said to be where the physical body connects to the higher levels of the being. The Solar Chakra may be viewed as a kind of internal Sun producing endless quantities of energy. This energy originates from the Higher Self, and provides the power by which physical life moves forward. Emanating from the Solar Chakra this energy then forms a circuit moving through all of the other Chakras. This production and distribution of energy is constant, but normally unconscious. By exercising the Solar Chakra you are increasing the amount of energy that the Chakra produces as well as gaining more conscious control over the process, which will allow you to call upon that energy as needed.

Though the Solar Chakra produces energy, it does not usually receive it. Rather it is the Heart Chakra which usually receives energy (within the Solar Circuit). Thus the importance of exercising it. When you receive healing or additional energy from outside, it will usually enter through the Heart Chakra. This will be of great importance later.

As you prepare for LESSON 4 your daily exercise regimen should include Exercise #1,

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