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By this point in your development you may find yourself feeling very drained after doing your exercises. This is because you're using psychic "muscles" you're not used to, and this unaccustomed activity makes them sore -just as your physical body is sore if you begin a new exercise regimen using muscles you've not been using otherwise.

Happily, just as there are salves and medicines for the physical body, there are ENERGETIC restoratives for those psychic muscles.

Not only after doing psychic exercises, but any time you feel your energy is low, these techniques can help you restore you're natural balance. Use these techniques any time you feelyou need them, but especially if you find yourself feeling tired after doing any kind of psychic work.

Like the Lemon Exercise from LESSON #6, these techniques are not meant to be permanently added to your daily routine, but rather to be used occasionally as they are needed.

Exercise #17 -The Pearl

This exercise is intended both to replenish energy and to soothe frayed nerves. Thus it is very good to use if you are feeling nervous tension or exasperation as well as fatigue.

Place your hands in front of you, and between them imagine a ball of white light about 1" wide.

Now add detail to this ball of light: Imagine it as a giant pearl -softly irridescent and gently glowing.

When you have the image of this giant pearl clear in your mind, imagine the inside of the pearl: within the pearl is filled with a thick, viscous amber light -the color and consistency of honey. This honey-colored light is translucent, and softly glowing from within.

Lift the pearl up over your head, and bring it down upon the top of your head. As it comes in contact with the top of your head imagine the pearl rupturing, and all of the thick, rich, honey-colored energy pouring into your body.

Visualize the honey-colored energy going down into your body, into every part of it -coating and soothing frayed nerves and rough edges everywhere it goes.

Let the honey-colored energy distribute and settle in your body, going wherever it is needed. When you are finished, clear and release as always.

Practice this exercise every day for one week to get the hang of it, then use only as needed.

Periodic use of the Lemon exercise and the Pearl Exercise will help keep you open and unblocked as you continue your exercises.

Exercise #18 -The Silver Ball

After practicing the Pearl for one week, you will be ready to try the Silver Ball.

Like the Lemon and the Pearl, the Silver Ball is meant to be used as needed, rather than as a permanent addition to your daily psychic exercises.

The Silver Ball is intended to increase or restore energy. This exercise uses a stronger energy than you may be used to, and one with which it is good to become familiar.

As with the Pearl you will begin by forming a ball of energy between your hands.

Imagine this ball not as white light however, but as a sparkeling silver light -rather like the silver glitter that is used in craft projects. Imagine the light composed of thousands of constantly moving, glittering, silver particles. You might think of it as being filled with tiny silver stars in swirling motion.

When you have this image clear in your mind, bring the ball of swirling silver glitter up over your head. Bring the Silver Ball down through the top of your head and into your body, stopping at the Heart Chakra.

Now imagine this glittering silver light begining to expand beyond the ball -moving out into your body, going into every part of your body, filling you completely until you are saturated with it

Let the light circulate within your body for a while. Then clear and release, allowing the excess light to run out of you.

This is a very powerful form of energy, and very useful. If you continue your studies beyond the First Degree you will learn much more about how to use it. Do this exercise every day for one week, to become familiar with it. Thereafter use it only as needed.

Exercise #19 -The Golden Ball

After you have spent a week with the Silver Ball, you are ready for the Golden Ball.

As you might imagine, the Golden Ball is very much like the Silver Ball, except it's gold.

This may seem like a small change, but in reality it's not -though the exercise is very similar, the energy is very different.

Again place your hands in front of you and create a ball of light between them -this time a ball of glittering golden light. Imagine the light as if it were composed of thousands of particals of swirling golden glitter.

When the image is clear you will bring the ball of golden light up over your head, and thence down into your Heart Chakra, just as you did with the Silver Ball.

As with the Silver Ball, allow the golden light to expand throughout your body, filling it completely so that you are saturated and suffused with the sparkeling golden light.

Allow the energy to circulate for a time, then release.

This golden light is a very powerful form of energy which you are only touching on here, and which is not at full strength in this form. If you continue your studies you will in time learn much more about it.

As with the other exercises in this lesson, parctice the Golden Ball for one week, then use it only as needed.

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