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At this point in your development you should be doing Exercises #7, #8, and #9, on a daily basis, plus Exercise #10 periodically. You should be finding your capacity for the exercises greater, your time faster, your visualization clearer. Chakras are like muscles, the more you use them, the stronger they get, the more you can do with them. That is why it is important to do these lessons on a regular basis, and to take them in order, so that you will build up the strength of your Chakras gradually and in a consistent manner.

The next exercise is meant to be added to the daily routine, following Exercise #9. On days when you do Exercise #10, it would follow this exercise.

Exercise #11

You may feel a bit like you're back where you began, as Exercise #11 is meant to strengthen the palm Chakras, as were the first three exercises in these lessons. Exercise #11 however, is much more intense than Exercises #1, #2, and #3, and using it will bring your capacity to handle energy to a much higher level.

Do Exercises #7, #8, and #9 as usual, opening your Chakras and turning them first white, then violet. When you have done this, let the image fade -just as before the Lemon Exercise. When you open your Chakras this way, you greatly increase the energy you can access for what you are doing.

Now, raise your hand -either hand is fine. Lift your hand so that the palm is vertical, and facing a wall preferably 5-6 feet away. Imagine a thin beam of red light coming out from the center of your palm, and going to the wall -rather like a "lazer" beam. See the beam of light as clearly as you can, the red as bright as possible.

Hold this image as long as you feel you comfortably can.

Now imagine that beam of red light retracting back into your palm.

Now do the same thing with the other hand. Whenever you exercise one palm Chakra, you should make sure to do the other too. This is because you will often need to use them together, and both should be equally developed.

When you've finished both hands, you may do Exercise #10, if you wish. If you feel fatigued, Exercise #10 will help revive you. If you're not doing Exercise #10, then you're ready to close. Imagine again your seven balls of violet light at the Chakras, and close them down normally, as per the instructions in Exercise #7. Now clear and release as always.

Do this exercise for a few days, or until you can do it easily, then replace it with Exercise #12. Exercise #12

As so often happens in these exercises, Exercise #12 begins just like Exercise #11.

Do Exercise #11 just as you normally would, up to the point where you have created the beam of red light from your hand to the wall.

Now, keeping the image of the beam of light clear and strong, begin to move it. You do not need to move your hand to do this, but let the beam "pivot" where it connects to the palm.

Use the beam to draw simple designs on the wall. Imagine the designs being made in the same red light of which the beam is composed. Try to hold the image of the design, even as you go on to draw the next one -this will become easier as you go, and if you cant do it at first, don't worry about it; it will come.

When you have mastered simple designs, you should try using the beam of light to write words, using cursive letters. This will increase your skill with the technique. When you feel you have done enough, retract the beam of light into your palm, and let the image of the designs you have drawn dissipate.

Remember to do both hands.

You may now do Exercise #10 if you wish. If not go straight to shutting down your Chakras as described above. Clear and release as always.

Do Exercise #12 until it becomes easy for you. Do not feel you must always use a wall -try drawing the designs in mid-air as well.

If you like, you can try Exercise #12 separately from the other exercises -on the bus, in the store, out of doors, anywhere you wish. Simply send out your beam of light and start drawing. Be sure to clear and release afterwards though. Understand that this would be in addition to, not in place of your daily session.

When you feel that you are ready, go on to Exercise #13. Exercise #13

Exercise #13 is exactly like Exercise #12, except that instead of using red light, you will use a multi-colored light. By "multi-colored light" we mean that you should see many different colors in the light at once, rather like a psychedelic tie dye. Using this multi-colored light, do Exercise #13 just as you would otherwise do Exercise #12.

The color of the light -that is, energy -which we use is extremely important. Color reflects the vibration of the energy, and thus its individual nature. In general, energy is perceived as being white in color, in its natural state. White light thus is a good, all-purpose energy to use for just about anything you might want to do. Like clear Quartz Crystal, white light amplifies what you put in without adding anything of its own. For many purposes this is good. When you transform the balls of colored light you have opened in your Chakras, you are strengthening and amplifying the energy of the Chakra.

Sometimes however, it is best to use colored energy, as its particular quality may help in what we are doing. For example when you transform the balls of light in your Chakras from white to violet, you are attuning them to the level of violet energy -violet energy is extremely spiritual, and comes from the highest level of the being, thus causing each Chakra to attune to its own highest nature and greatest good.

In these exercises we are using red energy. Red adds strength and vitality. We are using it here to add a needed "push" to help us use a Chakra in a new and unaccustomed way. Thus, red energy makes the exercise easier by giving you extra energy to do the exercise with. The "multi-colored" energy used in Exercise #13 serves to help develop all aspects of the given Chakra at once, and is the same principle as the rainbow we used in Exercise #3.

You will learn more about color as you go, and how it effects energy. Not everyone perceives the color of energy in quite the same way -just as not everyone sees color exactly the same way with their physical eyes; consider the color-blind for example. Some people develop highly individual methods of interpreting the vibration of energy through color. The system we are using is the most common. If your own experience varies, that's OK -its just different. Youshould still be able to do the exercises with the colors as described.


The Witch's Bottle is a very ancient type of spell, which has countless variations. The idea of performing a spell and sealing it in a jar is as old as the manufacture of jars, and may be regarded as a portable version of burying a spell in the Earth -the jar here representing the womb of the Mother.

Many examples of this sort of spell have been found by archeologists, though modern versions tend to be rather different from ancient ones -partly due to the difference in materials readily available for magical working. In ages past anthropomorphic jars were especially popular for this sort of working, the jar itself then taking on the character of a spirit helper to aid the spell's unfolding. Sometimes the whole jar would be made in the likeness of a human being, or animal, sometimes only the face would be shown. The so-called BELLARMINE JARS, bearing the likeness of the Old God -often in triple form- were commonly used for this sort of undertaking and are strongly associated with it.

Today, we commonly use any sort of jar or bottle that appeals to us, or is convenient to use. Decorative jars are often favored, but ordinary glass jars and bottles -either plain or self-decorated- serve just as well.

For this particular Witch's Bottle, you will need the following things: A small jar -such as a baby food jar, or a medicine bottle. A larger jar -such as a canning jar, or a decorative canister. A bit of paper and ink -red ink would be preferable.

Some herbs -a combination of Parsley and Sage might be a good general choice. A bit of essential oil -vanilla might be a good choice.

Some stones -aquarium gravel would be good, as it is small and easy to handle. A quantity of water.

Choose a time when you will be able to work unhindered. If possible it is best to make the bottle during the Waxing Moon.

Assemble your materials.

Begin by clearing and releasing, as always.

It may be beneficial to light some candles -for extra energy. You may even want to cast a full circle, now that you know how -but that isnt really necessary.

Take your piece of paper -it can be any kind of paper you wish: ordinary writing or typing paper will do, but you may find a bit of nice stationary or parchment helps set the mood better, thus assisting the needed Shift of Consciousness.

On the paper write what it is you wish the spell to accomplish. Because the bottle is a sturdy artifact which can be kept as long as you wish, it is especially useful for long term desires -such as prosperity, peace in the home, balance, etc...

Write your desire on the paper in the form of the following incantation:

"There is One Power in the Universe, and I am a perfect manifestation of that Power. As such I create for myself (insert wish here) . I manifest this in accordance with the free will of all, and with harm towards none. By all the power fo Three times Three*, as I do will, so mote it be."

As you write this, try to concentrate on the thing you are desiring. Focus on it. Imagine yourself having this thing, as if it were already accomplished -already yours. Feel confident, and know that it will come about.

Now, fold the paper until it is small enough to fit easily in your smaller jar. Say to yourself:

"Behold, I align myself to the powers of the Universe."

Imagine a stream of white light comming down into you from above your head, filling your body. This is the light of Spirit -the Goddess. She will help you with your working.

Hold the paper in your hands, and imagine it surrounded by a ball of bright white light.

Again focus on your wish. Imagine it already yours, already accomplished. Speak the incantation out loud:

"There is One Power in the Universe, and I am a perfect manifestation of that Power. As such I create for myself (insert wish here) . I manifest this in accordance with the free will of all, and with harm towards none. By all the power fo Three times Three*, as I do will, so mote it be."

Now place the paper into the smaller jar, and seal the lid.


"Even as I seal this jar, so too I use my will to seal my wish just as tightly into manifestation."

Now place the smaller jar into the larger jar. Fill the space between the outside of the small jar and the inside of the large jar with rocks, about half way up. This is why aquarium rocks are good -they are small and easily handled.

Now add water until the jar is larger jar is filled.

Add three drops of oil to the water.

Now sprinkle with the herbs.

Imagine the larger jar filling with white light. See that light shining forth from within it like a miniature sun, sending out energy in all directions. Now say something to the effect of:

"Earth supports Water. Oil feeds Fire. Air feeds herbs. May the powers of all the Elements feed my spell and carry it forward in their eternal dance. As I do will, so mote it be."

Seal the larger jar tightly, and never open it again.

Clear and release as always.

Put the jar in your home -in an obvious place if it is decorative, out of the way if it is not. Leave it there and allow it to bring the quality you have manifested into your life.

Alternatively the jar may be buried, or left out of doors.

* "Three times Three" -if you remember reading about Pythagoras in Lesson #5, you will recall that Three in numerological theory represents magic and the art of creation. Three times Three, or Nine, represents creation unfolding into infinity. Since Ten reduces back to One, Nine represents the furthest extent of creation before returning to the Creator.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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