The Exercise included in this lesson is not part of the ordinary regimen of exercises you have learned, but is a totally separate exercise on the subject of energy transfer. Continue your ordinary exercises as you have been doing them, and try this separately.

To try this you will need to work with another person. If you cannot find another person to work with, you can use a plant or animal, as these too have energy systems to which the exercise is applicable.

To begin, clear and release all excess energy, as always.

Now stand to the side of your working partner, so that they are in profile to you -it will be easier to tell what you're feeling that way. Starting at the top of your partners head and working your way down, pass your hands over them, about two or three inches from the surface of their body. Pay attention to what you feel. The first time you try this you may not feel anything, but if you continue to work with it you will soon develop the sensitivity.

Pay attention for any part of the body that feels "different". How you perceive that difference may vary -it may feel warmer than the rest of the body, or have a feeling of static, or it may seem to

"pull" you, or it may take some other form. But one way or another you will feel parts of the body that have a different feeling from the rest: these are BLOCKAGES.

Pay close attention to where these blockages are. When you have finished scanning the whole body, return to the places where you found blockages. Place one hand over the area of the blockage, again several inches from the body. You will find that one hand or the other is better for doing this with, but whether it is the right or left hand varies from individual to individual, so you will want to experiment with both until you find out which is stronger.

Visualize a ball of white light comming from your Palm Chakra. Imagine the negative energy of the blockage being sucked into this ball -concentrate strongly on this, and "pull" the negative energy with as much effort as needed. Now slowly pull the ball of white light with the negative energy inside of it, away from the body. More nagative energy may be pulled along with the ball, extending behind it rather like a rope. Discard the ball and continue pulling the "rope" of energy out of the body until none is left. As you pull this negative energy out and discard it, imagine it turning to purple colored light -this is called TRANSMUTING, it recycles the energy so that it may be reused for more constructive purposes elsewhere in the Universe.

When you have removed and transmuted all of the negative energy, place both ands over the area you have been working with. Imagine white light flooding into you through the top of your head and passing out through your hands into the person you are working on. Continue to do this until no more energy will go in.

You have now accomplished a basic energy healing.

Clear and release as always, and you are done.

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