Now as we said in LESSON I the Universe is composed of energy. All of these different parts of the being are composed of energy. You in every level of yourself are composed of energy, as is everything around you. Energy reacts to thought and emotion -this is why by rising to your Higher Self, specifically the Astral level- you can effect and control energy, i.e.; work magic.

This is also why energy effects YOU, and why clearing and releasing is so important.

There are other ways in which you can be effected by energy, besides holding excess energy after psychic and magical work. The energy of certain times and places has an effect on people, as does the energy of certain objects - such as gem stones, to use a well-known example. By aligning with these energies and working with them, you can increase and improve your own energy and thus your psychic and magical abilities and their results in your everyday life.

In LESSON III you will learn more about how these energies effect you, and how you can best take advantage of them to aid your personal spiritual growth.

The Miracle of Therapeutic Touch

The Miracle of Therapeutic Touch

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