Divination is the term we use for systems of symbols which we use to help us speak to Deity, or to our own Higher Selves -which are of course emanations of Deity (see LESSON II).

If you ask for an omen in response to a question, you are practicing divination.

Say for example that you're in a park, or the woods. You might ask the Goddess to give you an answer to a question by the omen of the next animal you see. You might specify, as for example: "O Goddess, if the answer to my question is yes may the next bird I see be brown. If the answer is no may the next bird I see be black."

Or you might leave the omen open ended, especially if you're asking how a given situation will go. For example:

"O Goddess, may the next animal I see tell me how I may expect this situation will progress."

If the next animal you see is a dog it could mean that happiness ...

Or you might be walking on the street, or riding a bus, and say to Goddess;

"O Goddess, if the answer to my question is 'yes' then may the next person I see be wearing a warm color. If the answer is 'no' may they be wearing a cool color."

This sounds very simple, and so it is. But you must be psychically open to do it, so you will want to clear and release before you begin. Also, like anything else, practice makes perfect. If at first you don't receive good results, work with it. If you have been doing the exercises which accompany these lessons, you should not have any trouble with this, as you will have opened and strengthened your psychic abilities. If you haven't been doing the exercises, you will find psychic work harder.

There are many more formal kinds of divination, which can be used to get more detailed answers. Among the most famous of these forms of divination are TAROT CARDS, TEA LEAVES, and RUNESTONES.

These forms of divination use complex systems of omens to divine very specific answers to questions. The answers come because Deity speaks to us from within, through the medium of whatever symbolic language we understand.

This -again- is stated in the ancient maxim of Hermes Trismagistus "As Above, So Below." Because all the Universe is an emanation of the Goddess, and all of our souls ultimately connect to Her, the totality of the DIVINE PLAN can be seen reflected in all of its parts, for nothing which exists is separate from the rest.

Because this is so, anything which exists can be used for divination.

Attached to this lesson we discuss in some detail different forms of divination you might like to try. But remember -again- practice makes perfect. If at first you don't get good results, keep working. You'll get better. Also remember -you have free choice. Any form of omen or divination shows you not what must be, but what will be if circumstances remain unchanged. Use the information you get to help you make the conditions you want, not to limit your choices. Nothing in a spiritual path should ever limit or bind you, but rather help you to open and grow.

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