There are many styles of robe, and we include diagrams for several, but the most common type of robe is the simple "T" style favored by the ancient CELTS and passed on to the medieval period. This style is simple to make and easy to move in.

Another popular style is the caftan, a very unconstructed robe whose simplest versions rather resemble a long poncho sewn up the sides. This was a pretty universal garment in antiquity and can be very striking.

Some people prefer a more Grecco-Roman style of robe. These often feature a peplos -a decorative fold of fabric hanging down from the shoulders. Some Grecco-Roman styles of robe are very simple and are simply pieces of fabric wrapped and pinned in place.

There are many, many styles of robe, and in choosing one -unless we belong to a Temple which asks its members to wear a particular style of robe, as some do- our primary consideration is what style makes us feel most spiritual and magical.

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