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Before you set up your Magic Circle, you will first want to cleanse and consecrate the area. By cleansing the area you remove any negative energies which might be there, and by consecrating it you prevent those negative energies from returning.

What are negative energies? Because energy responds to emotion, it can become charged with all sorts of feelings, which a psychically sensitive person can pick up on, and which can be magnified by magical working. Anger, fear, sadness -these and many other emotions can color energy, shaping that energy without conscious intent. The energy then holds these emotions, and can tend to pass them on to sensitive people. The stronger the initial emotion, the longer negative energy will tend to hold it.

Sometimes energy will hold such a charge for a very long time. This is why certain places which have witnessed traumatic events can give us "bad vibes" -the energy of the place has been imprinted with the negative emotions experienced there.

Most negative energy is not that focused however -usually the emotional charge is not so strong, and it diffuses over time. Most negative energy contains little bits of many conflicting emotions culled from many sources, which tend to give it a "muddy" feeling. This energy is unfocused and undirected, and can tend to make concentration difficult. By removing it you will find that you can work much more effectively.

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Crystal Healing

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