These then are basic ways to prepare and use herbs in the form of oils, incenses, and waters. No matter which form you are using, and regardless of whether you buy it or make your own, you will greatly increase it's efficacy by charging it. There follow two simple ways to charge these or any other items:


The easiest way to charge any item is to hold it in your hands, and visualize a ball of white light around it. As you do this, focus on the purpose to which the item is to be put. Concentrate upon that purpose, and imbue the item with that energy. In this way you add greater energy to it's native qualities. If you cannot hold the item in your hands, then hold your hands either above, before, or around the item.


A more effective but still simple method of charging has already been given to you in LESSON IV, but we will reiterate it here.

Begin by clearing and releasing all excess energy.

Place your hand over the item. Make three Tuathail or counterclockwise circles over the item, concentrating on removing any negativity from it. Say something to the effect of:

"Behold, I do cleanse and purify you, casting out from you any impurities which may lie within!"

Imagine yellow-white light pouring down from your hand into the item, and forcing out all negativity.

Now make three Deosil or clockwise circles with your hand over the item. Say something like: "And I do bless and consecrate you to this work!"

Visualize the item being filled with a clear, bluish white light. Imagine the item filling with this light until it shines as brightly as if there were a blue-white sun within it.

You have now cleansed and charged your object.

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