Care And Feeding Of Your Patron Deity

Once you have a Patron Deity, you should talk to It, pray to It, and make offerings to It on a regular basis. A good offering is the light of candles. Other good offerings are items that represent sustenance or devotion. A bowl of water, a bowl of flour, a bowl of salt -this is a typical offering for some devotees. Incense, flowers, candy -all these are good offerings too. What is offered really doesnt matter so much as the attitude of the devotee -the offering should be made with love and genuine devotion. We expect to receive blessings from our Patron Deity, we make offerings back to It not because the Deity needs them -It does not -but to show our gratitude and our own willingness to give back and share.

Remember your Patron Deity is a Deity, and interact with It in the manner you consider appropriate to Deity. The Deity will take Its cue from you -if you treat It as being aloof, It will respond in kind, because It sees thats what you want from It.

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