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What does it mean to give a BLESSING?

Is a blessing no more than a nice prayer or a wish for good things to come to someone? Does a blessing really do nothing more than show respect or affection?

We sometimes use the word "blessing" to mean no more than friendly good wishes, or a vague acknowledgement of Divine love. When we use the term "Blessed Be" in daily conversation we often mean no more than this. Yet in its truest form a blessing means much more.

A blessing is a transfer of energy.

When we give a blessing we transfer a bit of energy from ourselves to the person or thing receiving the blessing. We do this by CHANNELLING the Divine energy to which we are connected through our Higher Selves. The Divine energy passes through us to the one being blessed, and helps to activate the Divine energy within them.

Such a blessing has an actual physical and spiritual effect on the one being blessed. The blessing can open doors in their psyche, activate latent talents, or stimulate healing. Or it may simply impart a pleasant feeling and help to strengthen their connection to Goddess.

In these lessons and their accompanying exercises we have talked a great deal about how to focus and direct energy within our own bodies, and how to send energy out of our bodies to create energy constructs such as the Magic Circle. More difficult but equally important is the ability to send energy between persons, or to receive it oneself. This is called ENERGY TRANSFER.

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