Aspects Of Deity

There are as many forms of Personal deity as we could ever imagine -for any image can serve as a Personal form of Deity, if that image can embody an aspect of Deity for YOU.

All forms of Personal Deity will correspond to one or more of seven basic archetypes, sometimes called the "SEVEN GREAT POWERS", or various similar names. You will see Deities grouped in larger numbers -often groups of twelve -but these will only tend to duplicate the seven basic forms.

Most of the world's cultural PANTHEONS include dozens or hundreds of Deities, duplicating the seven basic archetypes many times over. This is because smaller local cultures and their pantheons come together and grow into larger, heterogenous cultures, while retaining their distinct original traditions. In the chart below we have not attempted to deal with all of the Deities of a given culture, but rather with the major Deities of these cultures and Their correspondences to the seven basic archetypes.

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