Altar Cloth

You may want to use an ALTAR CLOTH. This is an ancient tradition arising from the time when all cloth was hand-woven and precious, and any type of embroidery a luxury.

Today altar cloths are used because of their beauty and capacity for symbolism. Details of color and decoration can greatly influence the flavor and energy of the altar. If you wish to use an altar cloth you will want to consider these details when choosing it.

If you are able, decorate the altar cloth yourself, with embroidery or fabric paint, using symbols that have relevance to your personal philosophy and relationship with Deity. This will bond it to you and fill it with your energy. Concentrate on positive, self-empowering thoughts as you work, so that the cloth will be imbued with these and radiate them back to you during ritual and magical working.

If you prefer a less handmade altar cloth for any reason, choose a cloth that resonates strongly with you. An heirloom, a treasured gift, or a cloth that puts you in mind of your hopes and dreams.

To prepare the altar cloth for the altar, you will want to consecrate it. Do this by holding the cloth in your hands. Say "I send out from this cloth any negativity which may lie within it" or words to that effect, and visualize the cloth flooded with a strong yellow light, which passes through it carrying out all impurities. Then say something like "I do bless and consecrate this cloth to my altar that it may aid me in my workings and my growth" and visualize a clear blue-white light coming down from above and filling the cloth until it glows with white light like the Moon. Use this same basic technique to consecrate the altar pieces described below as well.

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