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Pathway Key The Devil

Situated on the pathway between Tiphareth and Hod this card represents temptation. The pathway between the pillar of balance and the pillar of form, the power of beauty becoming glory. A passive transformation of beauty into a tangible reality. It is a card of the conjunction of opposite principles, of the negative aspects of lust meeting the positive aspects of love. It concerns the reconciliation of consciousness with the unconscious. The collective conscious has a shadowy side which contains all unrealized aspects of mankind. It embodies the energy of the inner self and should the soul give way to the temptation it risks becoming a megalomaniac with an over inflated sense of its own self worth, power and wisdom. If the challenge is met and recognized then the forces of darkness may be transformed into the power of light. The task at this stage is to comprehend and integrate the deepest urges of nature into the new life for the better and not allow the dark qualities to over take us.

The Sanctity of Nature

We revere death as well as birth, for both are passages to new life. Most Wiccans believe in some form of reincarnation, and traditionally it is thought that the soul, after death, rests for a while (according to common belief, in a place of peace called the Summerland) before beginning a new lifetime. The precise rules of reincarnation differ from individual to individual for the most part, Wiccans focus primarily on the here and now, preferring to put our energy into living the best lives we can and making the world a better place rather than worrying about the afterlife.

The Festival Of Imbolc

It is said that Brighid went around the fields with her white wand of fire, melting the snows and stirring new life, so it is primarily a festival of light. In both pagan and Christian traditions it has involved the lighting of candles and torches, to restore warmth and light into the world. The maiden goddess Brighid in myth mated with Lugh the young god of light and so, traditionally, a virgin was chosen to mate with the chief of the tribe to ensure the coming of new life to the land. It is said that, like Lugh, he embraced Cailleach, the old hag of winter who was thus transformed in his arms into the Maiden Goddess.

Prehistoric Witchcraft

The Neolithic period also saw the development of shrines to the Triple Goddess who became associated with the three phases of the Moon waxing, full and waning. The Moon provided one of the earliest ways by which people calculated time. Since its cycles coincided with the female menstrual cycle, which ceased for nine moons if a women was pregnant, the Moon became linked with the mysteries first of birth, then of death as it waned, and finally with new life on the crescent. Because the Moon was reborn each month or, as it was thought, gave birth to her daughter each month, it was assumed that human existence followed the same pattern and that the full moon mirrored the mother with her womb full with child.

Falling Leaf Ritual

As the winds blew at the spring equinox, bringing new life, now they and the autumn rains carry away all that is fulfilled and unfulfilled, leaving room for the quieter contemplation of a time when the Sun still shines and the fruits of the harvest are all around. In this way we can say goodbye to the summer with joy.

The Myth Of The Goddess

Primitive man dreaded the idea of being born in another tribe, among strangers, so he prayed and performed rites to ensure being born again at the same time and the same place as his beloved ones, who would know and love him again in the new life. The goddess of the witch cult is obviously the Great Mother, the giver of life, incarnate love. She rules spring pleasure, feasting and all the delights at a later time with other goddesses and has special affinity with the moon.

The Lucky Herb Garden

To create a garden to magickally attract good luck into your life and keep bad luck at bay, plant any 13 herbs from the following list on a Thursday (ruled by the planet Jupiter) when the moon is waxing or full. Do not plant when the moon is waning (growing smaller) otherwise you may cause your good luck to wane.

Oils of the astrological signs

Astrological oils are most often used to attune representative items to a person's astrological sign. This better helps you to associate the representation of a person with the person. However, in every case where an astrological oil is used to attune a representative item to a person, you will have better luck if you can identify an oil or perfume that they wear frequently, as this will better make the connection in your mind. These oils are also useful in making deliberate change to your internal self. After determining the traits that you would like to include in your life, refer to an astrological guide to find out which signs are associated with those attributes. Wear that sign's oil as a personal perfume while you consider the attributes and how you can incorporate them into your life.

Combining Incenses In Rituals

As well as the single fragrances, there are many commercial products that combine several basic fragrances to evoke a particular mood, for example morning dew, raindrops and emerald. You can experiment with these and find those that seem right for your life or, if you make your own non-combustible incenses, you can combine a number of single fragrances to your own personal recipes.

Banishing getting rid of the outsiders

The outsider ritual is a great way to banish fear, confusion, cowardice, weakness of the mind, self-doubt, and the general blues bad vibes. Anoint the inside of a fire-safe bowl with banishing oil. Write down the things that you want to remove from your life and place the paper inside the bowl. Sprinkle the paper with a few more drops of banishing oil and set it on fire. As it burns, repeat these words and visualize the outsiders being drawn from your abdomen up and out of your body at the mouth.

Gods and Goddesses Goddesses

Call on Epona when casting fertility and self help spells. She can help you take the wheel and stir your life in the right direction. Apollo is a passionate god. Call on Apollo when beginning a new business venture. He can also help bring more creativity into your life and heal wounds of the past and bring you into the present.

Me ditati ons and Journeys

Now imagine that that feeling, that power and strength, are gathering in your hands. This energy begins to weave itself into a kind of shimmering cloth. Each thread is a moment in your life, in the past or yet to come, in which you act upon your true will and with your true heart. It shapes itself in your hands into a hooded cloak.

From the Sermon on the Mount

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust consume, and where thieves break through and steal but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth consume, and where thieves do not break through and steal for where thy treasure is, there will thy heart be also. The lamp of the body is the eye if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is the darkness No man can serve two masters for either he will hate the one, and love the other or else he will hold to one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore I say unto you, be not anxious for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than the food, and the body than the raiment Behold the birds of the heaven, that they sow not,...

Frequently asked questions

Wiccans worship many different gods and goddesses. Wiccans believe that the male and female are equal. Wiccans call on special gods and goddesses when casting a circle. Each god and goddesses resemble different things. For example the goddess Aphrodite is the goddesses of love and passion. The god Dionysus is the god of fun and joy he can bring happiness into your life. Get my drift (See how to write your own spells in part two)

The Witches and the Mysteries

'Orphism soon came in contact with the rural cult at Eleusis whose celebrated mysteries were without ecstatic and orgiastic elements. Contact with Orphism transformed the cult adding the element of redemption from the fusion were born the Eleusinian Mysteries as known throughout antiquity. These consisted of two parts, the Orphic centring round Zagreus and celebrated at Agrai, a suburb of Athens, and termed the Lesser Mysteries , and the Eleusinian centring round Demeter and Kore, celebrated at Eleusis itself and termed the Greater Mystery . The former were the necessary preparation for the latter they conferred the palingenesis in Zagreus, the new life which rendered the initiated worthy to have access to the higher teaching of the great mysteries.

How To Charge A Talisman Or Amulet

In the Great Rite the Athame is conjoined to the Chalice. This represents the physical consciously uniting with the spiritual. You are yourself, in every moment of your life, the Great Rite personified. Your soul -your Higher Self- deserves your reverence, even as do the Cosmic powers of Goddess and God, for you are part of Them. Likewise revere your body and your life path, for these are your most concrete expressions of the Divine, and the way in which you can most effect the Universe for the better. Do not underestimate the importance of this, or take it for less than the miracle it is. All of existence, the Goddess and God and all the Universe has existed to bring you to this place in this moment in this body -the moment of creation is NOW. It is always now. And your physical expression, perfected to this point through thousands of lifetimes, gives you the capacity to take part in creation.

The Wheel of Fortune Key Pathway

This is the eleventh card in the deck given the key of ten. This card represents the rise of the great cultures of the world of man. Babylon rises to power and grander and falls into the depths of depravity. Egypt thrives till Alexander the Great arrives with his Greeks. Next the Romans come to power and on and on the wheel of time turns. Ten is the number of change, new beginnings. What once was will be replaced with new and better. The number ten is traditionally thought to be a perfect number and it's symbol is the circle. It heralds the start of a new beginning for man

Pathway Key Temperance

Situated on the pathway between Netzach and Hod this card represents fruitfulness. The third harmonizing of the pillars of force and form, linking victory with glory. The careful balance achieved between force and form. It is the card of combination, of unity and the quaternary produces the pentagon or five sided figure illustrating organic growth. It is inspiration and the reconciliation of several parts in a great whole. It is the seed of new life entering a stage of total passivity. It is reincarnation or continuity of consciousness after death. A card of the middle way that indicates the need for temperance in all things.The need for calm, collected thought process to replenish ones provisions of that which is lacking. It is the calm after the storm of death and a moment of pause at the start of rebirth, like the first breath taken as the

The Selffascination Spell

Here is a spell that delves into the very heart of witchcraft, creating power inside you by sharpening your faculties and bringing them to bear on the most important thing in your life you. In order to increase control over others, the Self-Fascination Spell must be performed regularly. Strip nude in front of a mirror in a dark room. Light one candle of any colour except red. (Only if you're already very powerful can a red one be used.) It must be an exact count to ninety-nine. When you stop swaying at the count of ninety-nine, become very dynamic and tense, much the same as when you're doing isometric exercises. Clench your fists, stiffen your muscles, brace yourself all over and repeat three times, I control. I am the power. Blow out the candle and it's over. Cast this spell on Tuesdays and Fridays for three months, and it will never fail to improve your life. It's good for the waistline, too.

Popular false moral You should never cast a love spell on a particular person because that is robbing their free will

The more spellcraft and magick you incorporate into your life, the more those who do not understand its principles will think you have gone insane. At the point when you wonder if you have crossed the line of sanity, you will have your assurance. You will start to realize exactly how sane you actually are and how crazy the rest of the world is. It is at that point that you will have demonstrated one of the first signs of mental illness You will believe that you are somehow different from the rest of the world because you and you alone question reality. The secret is, you are

God Of The Month The Hero

The Hero is idealistic and virtuous, brave and true. The Hero is noble and chivalrous, a protector of the weak and defender of the just. The Hero is the bearer of new life, and the bestower of knowledge. He is the opener of new doors and the blazer of new trails. The Hero subdues and overcomes all problems.

Pathway Key The Empress

Fertility that comes from combining the masculine force and the feminine form. A joining of wisdom and understanding to create knowledge. This card represents synthesis and harmony, the resolving of tension created by duality through the birth of a third unifying principle. It is the pathway of birth, new life, fecundation and material productivity. It is the creation of phenomena in time, and a source of life itself. It is the abundant creative force of nature and an abundance of melding form. A passive approach as opposed to the active intellectual control expressed by the Magician. When meditating upon this pathway ask yourself how this first bridge between the two pillars differs from the

God Of The Month Iris

The Goddess has three aspects, as you may recall Maiden Goddess, Mother Goddess, and Crone Goddess. Each of these three archetypes has particular attributes. All faces of the Goddess will fall under one or more of these three aspects. The archetype of the Maiden Goddess deals with creativity, self-expression, personal accomplishments, new life and new growth of all sorts. Athanor, or alchemical furnace. The opposites decay, becoming a thick black residue called the Nigredo. Only from this putrefied state can new growth arise. Out of the Nigredo comes the Peacock's Tail, a series of glorious colors which occur as new life is fertilized and begins to grow. What this means -among other things- is that preconceived forms must first be broken down before true growth can occur. Only then can we ascend the rainbow bridge to the Divine.

Fighting Witchcraft With Witchcraft

The only power any person has over your life is the power you give him. The evil trinity that makes such things possible is fear, faith and fraud sometimes backed up by force. The belief in 'evil spirits' is a confession of this. The only way they can assuage their own guilty consciences is by projecting unto the unseen that which lies within themselves. No healthy, thinking person is ever bothered, let alone believes, in such a thing. And even if this was remotely true these believers are forgetting something Like attracts like

God Of The Month The Crone

The Crone is the Goddess of death and endings. She is associated with the Waning Moon even as the Maiden is associated with the Waxing Moon, and the Mother with the Full Moon. As such the Crone represents the ending of one cycle and the begining of the next. In this way She is a Goddess of transformation and regeneration -the night without which there could be no dawn, the Alchemical NIGREDO or period of decay which creates the fertile conditions for new life to grow.

The Philosophy Of Witchcraft

In the same way, live with other people. There are many whom you meet, in the course of your life, who could benefit from their encounter with you. Always be ready to help another in any way you can. Don't ignore anyone, or look the other way when you know they need help. If you can give assistance, give it gladly. At the same time do not seek to take charge of another's life. We all have to live our own lives. But if you are able to give help, to advise, to point the way, then do so. It will then be up to the other to decide how to proceed from there.

Magick And Responsibility

True magick is not like a cake in which everybody must vie for a slice or be left with none it is more akin to a never-emptying pot. Like the legendary Cauldron of Undry in Celtic myth, the more goodness that is put in, the more the mixture increases in richness and quantity. The Cauldron of Undry, one of the four main Celtic treasures, provided an endless supply of nourishment, had great healing powers and could restore the dead to life, in either their former existence or a new life form.

Folk Magick And Ritual Magick

Modern Magick

Alternatively, you can reduce the size of a word or image symbolising something you wish to rid yourself of, and as you make it disappear from your computer screen, create sympathetic banishing magick to remove it from your life. You can attract objects or people by filling your screen with them, then print out the images on the screen and burn the paper in a candle flame to get the energies moving. You can even e-mail empowerments to yourself

Planetary Magical Days Of The Week

Sunday, the day of the Sun, is for spells for personal fulfilment and ambition, power and success, for increasing the flow of the life force, asserting or strengthening your identity and individuality, for innovation of all kinds and new beginnings. It is potent also for energy, joy, health prosperity, spiritual awareness, self-confidence, for bringing wealth and prosperity if there is poverty and failure, for breaking a run of bad luck, and for all matters concerning fathers. I have listed various solar deities in Chapter 4. Though there are powerful Sun goddesses, the Sun's focus is mainly male animus yang in both men and women.

Psychotherapeutic Witchcraft

You can't be a Winner and a Loser at the same time. It's this victim psychology that breeds crippling resentment and resentment always hurts the one who has it no matter how justified. In reality it means that the people who originally hurt you are still hurting you through your own resentments and hostilities. Far from being free of them you are still their slave even if dead they are still controlling you from the grave. They still live in you and make your life a living death. If you are not directly, or deliberately responsible for someone's death (not that you may not have wished the person dead) then why the guilt Why play God After all if wishing could make it so why did these people live as long as they did And while on that subject just how many wishes have you made in your life, good or bad, expressed or repressed, conscious or unconscious, that actually happened

Love Spells Magic New Love Spell

This is the ideal spell to cast if you will to find your sole mate. If this spell dose not work than I suggest you wait two weeks before attempting it again, because it may not be the ideal time for the universe to grant you your sole mate. Or maybe your soul mate lives far away, and it could take time before he she will pop up into your life. By them time the candle flame has burnt down past the ribbon you should already have a new love in your life. If you don't, wait two weeks (minimum) before doing the spell again. As I said before your love may come, but it could take a while

Yellow White Red Green

As the candle burns, focus on your goal. Imagine the goal strongly, and picture it being fulfilled. Imagine what it is like to have this goal in your life -for example if you are working for healing, see yourself being healed and healthy. Or if your working for prosperity, imagine yourself surrounded by money, or by items that represent prosperity to you. This is a very ancient act based both upon the idea of SYMPATHETIC MAGIC -that is the idea that like creates like and that the spell's power will grow and flourish because the tree grows and flourishes, and the two have been mystically bound. Now leave the tree knowing that your goal will continue to grow and unfold in your life, and trust that it shall come to pass.

The Wiccan Rede and the Law of Return

It does not mean law. Detractors of the Rede, who say that it is impossible to both do your will and cause no harm, often ignore this fact. The Rede is an ethical precept, a goal for each of us to strive for--to balance the harm we do in our lives, through neglect or necessity, with our choices. We are not expected to be perfect--if we were, there would be no reason for us to incarnate. We are, however, expected to take responsibility for our own lives and for the betterment of the world we live in, and not stand idly by saying, It's not my fault. I'm a victim. We may not have a choice in what others do to us, but we can choose what we do afterward. This is the essence of the will described in the Rede--to know your own will, your true purpose, and act accordingly.

Spring Equinox Cleaning Ritual

You can join with family or friends in a communal spring cleaning of a collective living area or workspace. Alternatively, you can use it alone to help you to clear out not only physical clutter but also emotional and spiritual stagnation in those areas of your life and relationships that would benefit from the winds of change. Dust to dust, away you must. New life bring, welcome spring.

Black And White Candle Ritual

This is a ritual for a new beginning after sorrow or loss. You can carry out this ritual for yourself or someone you know who is grieving or unhappy after a betrayal. It is especially healing if you are feeling angry over unjust or cruel treatment, because it can stop any guilt, blame or pain turning inwards and slowing the healing process. You may need to repeat the experience many times. This is an essentially private ritual, but if you are doing it on behalf of someone else, then you might like to invite them to share the experience. * When you have finished naming the sorrows, sit quietly in the candlelight, seeing the negativity flowing away in the stream of black wax. Make positive plans for the future and write a list of daily actions or short breaks from work that will make you happy. Even if these are of necessity very small, the cumulative effects of a number of minor pleasures can change the balance of your life for the better once a moon cycle has passed. * Once the symbol...

Mabon The Autumn Equinox

On a personal level, autumn equinox rituals are potent for the completion of tasks, for abundance in all aspects of your life, including security for the future which may involve issues of employment or the need to consolidate finances reconciliation, the setting down of unresolved anger and quarrels all matters concerning retirement and older people, especially those who are turning their experience to new fields the resolution of chronic health problems and all Water magick.

Using The Seasons In Magick

You can add extra depth and significance to your rituals by carrying them out using the associated candles, crystals, herbs and incenses when the particular seasonal energies are at their height. Such seasonal empowerments will bring the related qualities into your life, to be stored for times when you need their strengths in your everyday world, perhaps at a time of change or crisis. After a year or so of tuning into the seasonal cycle, you will build up a repository of energies for every occasion, like an inner harvest ready for whenever you need them. On the other hand, if an urgent need suddenly arises in your life, you can at any time of the year repeat the seasonal ritual most representative of the necessary strengths you require, to amplify the powers within you. You can enter the Wheel of the Year at any point. Some people begin at the Celtic New Year in November, but it may be easier in modern life to begin as I have with the rituals of the early spring, when stirrings of new...

Creating Your Own Spells

This can be done in a variety of ways, for example by leaping in the air if you are dancing, giving a final shout if you are chanting, blowing out a candle or casting your symbol into fast-flowing water. You can also bury it or burn it in a candle flame or on a bonfire. If you are banishing something from your life, you can write it in chalk and rub it out or cut it up and dispose of the pieces.

Other Items

LIBATION DISH -a libation dish is used to make liquid offerings to Goddess, God, or Spirits. Often a cup of juice or wine is shared in ritual, and some will be offered to the Deities or Spirits either before or after the human participants have drank. To make this offering, or LIBATION, a portion is placed in the libation dish and dedicated to Deities or Spirits. This is a gesture of respect and sharing -a means of giving back a portion of what you receive to its source. When the ritual is done the libation is normally disposed of by being returned to the elements, that is to say it is either emptied outside onto soil or into running water, or perhaps into a special Earth Pot. In this way its physical essence is returned to Mother Earth to nourish Her and be re-used for the sustenance of new life. However, some people consume the libation themselves after the ritual has ended, feeling that Spirit has taken the part of the offering it desired and that the rest is left for them. Which...


Orange is the colour of the Sun, of fertility - both physical and mental - and of creativity with words. Growth, self-esteem, confidence and abundance of all kinds are related to orange, as are independence and asserting your identity if it is under threat or being eroded by the demands or unfair criticism of others. Orange also relates to careers involving people and the arts.

Zodiacal Candles

Candles etched with zodiacal signs may be used to represent people born during a particular Sun period. They may then be burnt in rituals for different purposes. For instance, you can burn your own zodiacal candle at a time when you need confidence or to assert your identity. Alternatively, you may burn any astrological candles whose strengths you need at a particular time, perhaps the courage of Aries before a confrontation or travelling to an unfamiliar location. You might also use them in a love ritual.

Spell Casting

Spell casting is part of some, but by no means all, Wiccan activities. Most spells are carried out with the purpose of changing someone's life for the better or sending healing energies to others. For example, love magick could, if you wish to bring love into your life, be focused on increasing the love in the world, thereby attracting love in its many forms, and not just romance. More specifically, you may wish to attract one special person, to deepen an existing relationship or bring back a straying partner. For this, however, you would need to build into the ritual a proviso that this happening should be right for that person as well as for yourself.

Your Word Of Power

The fortieth page, fifteenth sentence, and the third word over, my message begins. Then pick another, and another, and another, until you have a predetermined number of words, say twenty-five. The words won't be in the right word order, but there will be a message there that applies to your life.

Healing the past

Talk to the dolls and explain why you had to separate them. Let the bad doll know that he can continue to be a part of your life only if he doesn't present you with further problems. Should you encounter further problems with the memories, place the bad doll in a box and explain why you are locking him away. If he acts up again, bind him with duct tape. If you encounter one last bout, toss him in a moving body of water. Feel the connection between him and you drift away or sink to the bottom.

Meditation Netzach

Continuing with the work we began in Hod I would now like to ask you all to try and find ways of turning your weaknesses into strengths. Netzach is the sphere of love and acceptance and this demands that having found our weaknesses in Hod we now take responsibility for them. So often it is easy to sit back and tell ourselves that its not our fault we are the way we are. It is easier by far to say I am selfish because I was deprived as a child, or I am controlling because I had my control taken from me. Netzach asks us to take responsibility for maintaining our weaknesses. No longer can we look for others to blame, it is not the cause of the issue that can be dealt with. Having found our weakness and the reason for that weakness now we must take the wheel and take control of ourselves.I will ask you now to go back into your meditation for Hod to the place you found your problems and shine a bright light around in there. Find the strength to take responsibility for all that you are....

Patron Deities

The Deity will do this in one of several ways you may be drawn to the name or image of the Deity, and not really know why. The image of the Deity of Its attributes (such as a totem animal) may show up in your life repeatedly. You may have a vision of the Deity. You may just know.

The Star Key Pathway

The eighteenth card given the key of seventeen. The Star ushers in a new and more learned age of spirituality. Amidst the ruins of mans creations he lie confused and dazed. Man's once proud material god is laid low but the soul is set free from the chains of the material and powers its gentle light upon humanity like the light of hope in this card. In the aftermath of the bloody conflicts of war man seeks once more a sacred path. In a world of bereavement and wrecked lives faith and the occult thrives. The Cottingsly Fairies, The Golden Dawn, man turns to spirituality once more in search of his answers. Magic and mystery offer new hope and mans soul turns once more upward. The five points of the pentagram revert from four points up to four points down and the soul is priority once again. The number seventeen is symbolic of renewal and rebirth and baptism. After the destruction of the Tower came forth a peace, refreshment and the stirrings of a new life.

The Psychic Tide

In the yearly cycle the Dark half is the Winter and the Spring, during which Earth rests and refreshes Herself before bringing forth new life. The Light half is the Summer and Fall during which the fields and forests grow and blossom to feed the creatures of the Earth. In the dark half the energy of the Earth is directed inward to replenish fertility. In the Light half the energy of the Earth is focused out, making fertility manifest in physical form.

The Moon Mother

The Moon was regarded as the mother of all long before written records existed, for she was seen to give birth to a new moon every 29 days. Because the old moon apparently died, it was believed that that she took the souls of the dead back into her womb and gave them new life. In the same way, the three main lunar phases gave rise to the concept of the Triple Goddess who has been worshipped in cultures from palaeolithic times where early cave art displayed crescent moons that have been identified as Goddess symbols. The evolved Triple Goddess of the Celts, which reflects the lunar cycles of maiden, mother and crone, is an icon also seen throughout the classical world.


Damiana Diferant Plant Picture

And goddesses but not to give up our lives. When we embark as a second Degree practitioner we give our lives over to the Gods to do with as they will. From that point on our lives are dedicated to their service. This does not however mean that we do not have everyday lives it simply means that the Gods come first. Only by making this sacrifice can we ever hope to be guided to the end of our spiritual paths and rejoin once more with the source of life. A willing sacrifice indicates that everything we do is with the Gods in mind. We wish that they be proud and pleased with us. The very word sacrifice means to make holy . When it comes to the Third Degree initiations many return to Tiphareth. Just as the second degree represents ritual death where the initiate dies to their old life and is reborn to a new life of service to the Gods, when this period is over the Third Degree is invoked to celebrate the rebirth of the High As children we can have a much better concept of Netzach since we...


As a short-cut, when you need instant magick, you can use the times of sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight and the day of the week energies, with approximations of hours if you wish. Combine the day energies with the power of solar magick, which tends to be more immediate than lunar. So if you are seeking a new beginning, go for dawn. For full power or realising your potential, carry out your rituals at noon, the height of the Sun, and for banishing spells, try sunset. You will know instinctively if it's a solar or lunar issue and whether you need a blast of Sun power or clarity, or more subtle Moon bindings or unravellings.

Effective Prayer

With a bit of practice and thought, you can transform ineffective prayers to quite effective prayers. How Simply pray every day, in a prayerful attitude. Talk to the Goddess and God about positive events in your life. Thank Them for manifested prayers. Speak to Them about the moonrise, the sound of the birds in the morning, the new kittens. Speak to Them, too, of your needs and hopes and desires.

Pathway Key The Star

Situated on the pathway between Netzach and Yesod this card represents hope. The linking of the force of victory with the balance of foundations. The vision of hope for the future. This card is the emblem of the spirit, the mystical centre and of the call of destiny. It is a symbol of imagination and a link to the powers of the unconscious. It is symbolic of renewal and rebirth and also baptism. After destruction comes peace of mind, refreshment and the stirrings of new life. It is the energy of the psyche which

Children And Wicca

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'Being a pagan has brought all of these experiences into a spiritual focus that has brought me closer to the Goddess in a way that I don't think could have happened if I hadn't chosen to become a parent. It has allowed me to experience the Mother aspect first-hand it gave new meaning to the moon cycles of a woman, it allowed me to become the microcosm of the great Earth Mother as I watched my own body grow and give birth to a new life. It gave me the protective instinct of Sekhmet the lion-headed Egyptian goddess of fertility , when I realised that I would fight to the death to protect my child. It showed me the true and profound power of the female body to create and sustain life within the body, to bring forth that life and nurture it with a perfect food made by the body.

Money and Prosperity

So before trying the following ritual, change your mind about money. If you truly need money, try to want it as well. If you simply want money, see how you genuinely need it too, how it can help improve your life and those of your loved ones. Accept money into your life even before you have it. Ready yourself to receive it. Welcome it with open arms. Then begin.

Personal Magick

Magick has traditionally encompassed material needs, and spirituality is very difficult to achieve at a time when there is a crisis of physical need or emotional shortfall in your life. For example, in days when having sufficient food and heating was an ongoing concern, abundance for the coming winter months was a prime focus of Mabon, the harvest festival at the autumn equinox. Many kitchen witches would carry out private spells using the equinox energies, to empower talismans and cast spells to ensure their own family would survive the inhospitable months of winter.

Burning times

Under the Moon (1991) The Goddess in the Office A Personal Energy Guide for the Spiritual Warrior at Work (1993) The Goddess in the Bedroom A Passionate Woman's Guide to Celebrating Sexuality Every Night of the Week (1995) The Grandmother of Time A Woman's Book of Celebrations, Spells, and Sacred Objects for Every Month of the Year (1989) Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life Discover the Hidden Meaning of Your Life (2003) and Summoning the Fates A Guide to Destiny and Transformation (2nd ed. 2007). Her novel Rasta Dogs was self-published in 2003.

Ritual For Harmony

This ritual can be used when, for example, a colleague, family member or friend is intruding in your life, but you do not want to hurt their feelings. It can be very successful if you have received one too many phone calls or visits at inconvenient moments from a friend or neighbour. It may help to ward off constant interference in your projects by your boss or a colleague at work, or possessiveness that is not malicious but comes from loneliness in a close relative, a child or even your partner. You can carry it out before going to work or when you anticipate the arrival of the person. It is much kinder than a traditional binding spell as it preserves the positive aspects of the relationship.

Silver Spell

Blow out the match, discard it in a heat-proof container, and settle down before the glowing candle and money. Sense the feeling of money in your life. Visualize (see with your mind's eye) a life with money to spare-a life which bills are quickly paid and money will never again be a problem. See yourself wisely spending money, investing it for your future needs. See money as an unavoidable and beautiful aspect of your life.

Self Dedication

Initiation is a process of death and rebirth - the old self dies, and the new and magickal self is born. A rite of self-dedication marks a serious commitment and dedication to the path, and should not be taken lightly. In a coven you would be looking to be initiated into the First Degree at this stage. Your studies up to this stage will have prepared the ground work for this initiation. Since we are only able to create a virtual coven enviroment here online it is required of each of us to create our own self dedication ritual working with the knowledge we have gained to date. Since this is a Qabala class I am going to ask you to base your ritual around the sphere we are currently working with, that being Tiphareth. I would ask that you go back to the sphere lesson on Tiphareth and look at it fully. Look at the correspondance tables, look for other corespondances in the web pages I have provided links for. Look also for initiation rites for covens. See how group workings are done for...


Through magic we influence or control the things around us, therefore it is wise to use magic only to make these things better. The ancient rule of Wicca is Do As You Will, But Harm None. Magic is a great power, and can be a great responsibility, and you do well to use it wisely. Everything you do comes back to you, through KARMA. Every action you take, in time you will also experience from the receiving end. So that when you do something good for another, you are also doing something good for yourself, as you will eventually experience the same good as a recipient. But if you do harm, that same harm you ultimately do to yourself. This is very important to understand and remember. You should bear it in mind in every aspect of your life, including the magic you practice. To do harm is not only wrong in itself, but ultimately hurts the doer. Moreover most Wiccans believe in the LAW OF THREE, that is to say that what you do comes back to you not only once, but multiple times. Some...


When you first begin to meditate you will find it difficult to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. Your mind wants to wander, your body wants to fidget and may even develop a great itch demanding to be scratched It will take a little time but you will discover that you are the master of your body and mind. Ignore the itch. Tell your conscious mind to sit down and shut up YOU are very busy with more important business. The itch will go away and your conscious mind will become disciplined to sit quietly aside as you attune to your higher nature IF YOU REMAIN PERSISTENT. Remember, you let your mind and your emotions run your affairs all of your life. Now your mind and emotions must learn that they work for you. It may take a few lessons, but they will learn. Stay with it. You are embarking on the greatest voyage of your life.

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