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Oils of the chakras and primary colors

If you study the chakras in any depth, you will find that their color correspondence is not always the same from one book to the next. Recognizing the diversity on which we can draw our lore, I have made an effort to associate the chakras directly to the primary colors. There are actually many other chakras and energy points, just as there are many other colors. These oils are used to activate the energy centers of the body, and to strengthen the aura, as discussed in Chapter 4. They can also be placed in a diffuser and used to establish an atmosphere corresponding to the attributes listed in Chapter 9. If you use these oils in the making of candles, color those candles appropriately.

The Crown Chakra Understanding

The Crown takes the knowledge we have gained in the Brow chakra and applies Divine wisdom, giving us true understanding of a subject, person, or the universe itself. It gives us an appreciation of Divinity, both inside ourselves and all around, and shows us true beauty and peace. Note There are many different interpretations of the chakras, and none is necessarily the correct one. The best way to decide which chakra does what is to work with them yourself.

The Heart Chakra Love

This is the center point of the whole system, the heart of the matter. The Heart chakra naturally governs love, but not the codependent romantic love we are taught to want by popular music and media the Heart chakra is the center of Divine love, and of compassion. Sacral-chakra love is the love of a person for a person or a thing Heart-chakra love needs no object. It emanates from our Divine essence, without question, condition, or limit. The Heart is the chakra of wholeness and acceptance it balances the self-centeredness of the lower three chakras with the lofty spirituality of the upper three, and integrates all the various aspects of our being. The Heart chakra shows us our inherent connection to all that lives, and removes the boundaries between us and the rest of creation. It is the sense of being deeply spiritually connected. The Heart chakra is also the center of healing, as it receives healing energy and lets it flow to where it is most needed by the body, heart, or spirit.

Incenses and tinctures of the chakras and primary colors

The chakra incenses are used when working with key parts of the body and the energy patterns that are associated with that part of the body. If you are preparing these mixtures for use as tinctures, ordinary food coloring can be used to match the tinctures' appearance to its intent. These incenses are also very effective ways to promote the emotions associated with individual colors and their corresponding chakra. If you wanted to set the mood for a lustful romantic evening, burn the Red Root Chakra blend during dinner. Be warned that there isn't a great deal of distance between lust and Red Root Chakra Enough Red Root Chakra or patchouli oil to bind Orange Sacral Chakra Enough Orange Sacral Chakra or jasmine absolute to bind Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Green Heart Chakra Enough Green Heart Chakra or bergamot oil bind Blue Throat Chakra Enough Blue Throat Chakra or neroli oil to bind Indigo Third Eye Chakra Enough Indigo Third Eye Chakra or lavender oil to bind Violet Crown Chakra...

The Brow Chakra Intuition

The sixth chakra gives us sight, both inner and outer. Also called the Third Eye chakra, its domain is perception and intuition the things we know because we see them, and the things we know because we simply know. Its talents are primarily visual, such as clairvoyance, formed out of images rather than sounds or other sensation. The Brow chakra's world is the world of knowledge, taking in information through both kinds of sight. It also is the seat of our innate intelligence and the intelligence we have gathered from year to year, building upon the lessons we have already learned. All functions of the mind are part of the Brow chakra.

The Root Chakra Survival

The Root chakra is located at the base of the spine, and it is the foundation upon which the entire column rests. The Root governs physical existence and survival. It is the chakra of Earth manifestation, of health and material needs. The Root is a very dense and solid chakra, and its desires are difficult, if not impossible, to ignore we cannot progress spiritually until our physical needs are met. It is hard to meditate if you are starving. The Root is the chakra of grounding it maintains our deep, instinctive connection to the Earth and to the whole of nature. It is connected also to sexuality, or rather to procreation all our animal instincts are a part of the Root, from the fight-or-flight response to the eat-mate-kill impulse. The Root also governs our body image and how we perceive our physical selves. If that image is distorted, the energy of the Root can become cloudy, and our self-nurturing behavior (what we eat, how we treat ourselves) suffers. The sense of self-worth, of...

The Sacral Chakra Connection

The second chakra lies within the womb and genitals, and as expected, it governs sexuality and desire. It is the chakra of Water, and therefore is deeply connected to the Moon (especially in women) as Water, its essence is fluid and changeable. In the first chakra we are only aware of ourselves in the second, we become aware of our connection to others and our need to be connected. The Sacral chakra is the home of most of our emotions, as emotion is primarily born out of our interaction with others. The Sacral chakra governs pleasure, and as such is easy to knock out of balance in today's world. People often live stuck in the second chakra, seeking sexual gratification and pleasure through food, alcohol, drugs, and risky behavior of all kinds.

The Throat Chakra Communication

The fifth chakra governs the word, whether spoken or thought moreover, it governs all forms of expression, how we represent ourselves to the world and how we communicate with others. It is the chakra of creativity, music, and humor. In addition, the Throat chakra reminds us of the importance of what we say and what we mean it is in many ways a chakra of integrity, expressing the Will of the Solar Plexus with creativity and then living up to that expression. It is overall the chakra of truth, both personal and universal. The Throat is responsible for naming putting a word or a symbol to a concept so that we can relate our thoughts and ideas to the rest of the world.

To strengthen the aura

An excellent way to extend and strengthen your aura is to improve the working of your chakras. If you are not familiar with the chakras and their relation to this practice, I suggest you read Pocket Guide to Crystals and Gemstones, by Sirona Knight. It should be noted that, although the external location of the root chakra is between the genitals and the anus, for the purpose of this exercise, we treat the root chakra as if it were found at the soles of the feet. With the circle cast, lie down with your face to the sky or ceiling. It is a good idea to incorporate a comfortable sleeping pad or even a bed into this rite if you have the space. If you are working with a partner, have her anoint your chakras. If not, anoint them yourself. In either case, use the soles of your feet as the root chakra. If available, anoint the chakras with corresponding chakra oil. If any of the seven different chakra oils are not available, substitute almond oil for all of the oils. If working with a...

God Of The Month The Lover

TAMMUZ -According to an ancient mesopotamian myth, Tammuz was the King of Uruk, and husband of the Goddess Ishtar. Killed by a wild boar -an animal often used to represent the Deity of the Otherworld- Tammuz crossed into the realm of Death, ruled by the Goddess Allat, sister of Ishtar. Grief stricken, Ishtar resolved to go into the land of Death and reclaim Her beloved consort. Descending through seven symbolic gates, representing the seven planes of existence and the seven Chakras, Ishtar arrived at the realm of Her sister Allat. Through means which vary in different versions Ishtar convinces Allat to release Tammuz and all the other spirits of the dead, thus inaugurating the cycle of Death and Rebirth. The myth speaks on several levels to the mysteries of Death and Rebirth, the Cycle of the Seasons, and also the Spirit's entry into the world of Matter. Ishtar, Tammuz, and Allat are the Semitic names of Deities Whom the Sumerians had earlier known as Innanna, Dumuzi, and Ereshkigal....

An Elemental Cleansing Meditation

Use this or a similar method once a week or so, or more often if needed. Alternately, do a chakra balancing meditation. You may also want to use one of the two before doing a ritual or other magical work, to help shift your consciousness to the proper frame of mind for spiritual pursuits.

Clearing And Releasing

Still another technique is to imagine a long root, like the root of a tree, growing down from your root Chakra (your pelvic region, loosely speaking. You'll learn more about Chakras in a future lesson). Visualize this root going down into the Earth. If you are in doors, see the root going down through the floor and through any lower levels of the building, then entering into the Earth. Let the root going down deep into the Earth. Now imagine your excess energy running down through this root to Mother Earth. When you are done, draw the root back up into yourself.

God Of The Month Iris

Just as the rainbow bridges Earth and Sky, so too Iris bridges the worlds of matter and spirit. Iris controls the door to the inner self, the spirit world, the Divine essence. As such Iris is patron of spiritual energy work and the system of Chakras, which reflect the rainbow's colors.

Elemental Magic Of The Juniper Tree Juniperis comunis L

This marvelous elemental obeys an elemental Queen of the fire. We see in the internal worlds this great elemental Queen seated upon her throne of fire. The memories of Nature tell us that the Juniper tree has the power of placing our endocrine glands into a special, super-ffinctioning degree. This simply signifies that all the chakras from the astral body enter into activity by means of the rite of the Juniper tree.

Kola Nut In Witchcraft

Exercise One To control ejaculation and orgasm (Muladhara Bandha). 4. It awakens the Muladhara chakra. 4. It awakens the Svadhisthana chakra. Muladhara Bandha should be followed by Vajroli Mudra daily, starting with ten of each. You should add five of each per day each week until you are doing sixty of each per day.

The Snake And The Mirror

An ethereal chakra exists within the coccyx, and the spiritual fire snake resides there. When we practice sexual intercourse in the same way as the Arhuaco 'Mamas' and the Aztec Indians practice it, then this spiritual fire snake awakens and starts its ascension through the canal of the spinal column, until reaching the head.

The Shamanic Technique of astral projection Throw yourself at the ground and miss

Cast your circle as you would normally. For smudging, burn a mixture of lavender and sage. If you can, work with the energy flow of your chakras to strengthen your aura. When it is time to invite the Lord and Lady, call on the god form that you have chosen as your guide. If you are working with a group in which others will attempt the process, let the invitation be spoken in a generic fashion but speak his name internally. Although it is your mind that you are entering, the visualization of your aura will be what you take with you as what is called the astral body. Begin the drumming or other sources of rhythmic noise, and start your favorite chant.

Ending Your Meditation Period

In group meditation .the group should seat themselves in a circle and should go through their breathing and light exercises in their own time. At the completion, by everyone, of the chakra color-reinforcement, the white electric light should be extinguished or blinds drawn, and the circle should then be illuminated by a blue light. In the group in which I work, we use a Westinghouse 100-watt 'Colortone' floodlight. It is available just about everywhere and is ideal for the purpose. This blue light should remain on throughout the meditation.


As you advance through these lessons, you will learn many exercises which will build and help you learn to control your psychic energies. Many of these exercises use the CHAKRA points. Chakras are the energy centers of the body, and there are a number of them. You will learn more about the Chakras in future lessons. In this lesson however, we will be using two Chakras these are located in the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet. You can imagine the Chakras as a ball of white light directly in the center of the palm of the hand, or the sole of the foot. These two Chakras are basic Chakras which are used for bringing energy into the body, and for sending it out of the body. Other Chakras are more specialized.

How To Cleanse

Open your Chakras as usual with Exercises 7, 8, and 9. But once you have all seven balls of light open, and have transformed them from colored balls to white, to violet, allow that image to simply dissipate or dissolve. You now have all seven chakras open, which will afford you increased energies for the exercises that follow in this case Exercise 10. After you have finished Exercise 10, imagine again your seven balls of energy, then go back down through the Chakras and close them just as you normally would. As has been said, begin by opening your Chakras as usual with Exercised 7, 8, and 9.


The vehicle of the christie consciousness has its chakra in the heart. So, when internally vocalizing the syllable ON and meditating in its profound significance, the awakening of the mystic consciousness is produced. Then, independent from the physical body, the soul acquires the power of functioning in her superior vehicles. The five vowels I, E, O, U, A make the chakras, discs or magnetic wheels of our Astral body to vibrate. Thus, with the vibration, the Tattwas are transmuted into hormones, since each chakra is a regulator of our endocrine glands. These glands are truly biogenetic laboratories, whose mission is to transmute the Tattwas into hormones.


To prevent nightmares, place a handful of vervain leaves in your bed, wear them in a mojo bag on a string around your neck, or brew them into a tea and drink it just before bedtime. To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, anoint your Third Eye chakra with vervain juice on a night of the full moon. Close your eyes, open your mind, and allow yourself to drift off to sleep. Upon waking from your slumber, take care to write your dream down on paper (or use a tape recorder) to prevent it from later being forgotten. If interpreted correctly, it will provide you with an insight to events of the future.


The Pentagram is a five-pointed star in a circle. As a tool it is usually worn as a medallion. The Pentagram medallion can be used to focus energy, and also to ground it. To focus energy through the medallion, you would visualize a ball of light in your Heart Chakra, or your Thymus Chakra, then focus a beam of that light through the medallion. You can also hold the medallion in your hand and focus energy through it. In this case you would focus through your Palm Chakra.You can also pull the energy down through the crown Chakra and focus it through the medallion.


Nonetheless, we have to warn that what the disciple must first do is transcend his body. In ancient times, the human being was living within the bosom of Mother Nature. All of the powers of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world were potently resounding within their resonant centers. Thus, these powers were expressing themselves with the grandiose euphoria of the universe through all of the human being's chakras.

How It Works

This energy is regulated by energy centers commonly called CHAKRAS or PLEXI. There are thousands of such Chakras throughout the body, connected by MERIDIANS or energy pathways. When several of these small Chakras work together they form a larger Chakra with several levels. There are many of these larger Chakras throughout the body as well. In doing energy work you may work with any of these small or larger Chakras. But you are more likely to work with one of the seven so-called Major Chakras, which we have described in earlier lessons. Each of these Major Chakras is actually a network of many lesser Chakras, grouped together to form a single unit. Because of this the Major Chakras have many different levels, which may be developed differently in different people, depending upon their experiences. Energy flows from one Chakra to another by means of the Meridians. The ways in which the energy flows through the Chakras are called CIRCUITS. There are...

Intent oils

Anoint a ribbon selected with an appropriate color (see Chapter 9 under chakras), write your wish on a piece of parchment paper, as many times as will fit, on both sides. Roll up the parchment paper and tie it with the ribbon. Burn this outdoors and see your wishes rise up with the smoke and ash. As you do so, recite your wish over and over. Do this each day until you receive your wish.

How To Do It

Now that we've talked about how energy transfer can be used, and a bit about how it works, you probably want to know how to do it. Energy transfer is accomplished by projecting energy from your body into someone elses. The energy is pulled in from the Universe, and channelled through your body to the recipient. Commonly the hands are used, the energy being focused through the Palm Chakras. If you have been doing your exercises, you will already know how to focus energythrough your Palm Chakras. Imagine the energy projecting from your palms as a beam of light. Focus intensely upon this, and imagine it as clearly as possible. You are now transfering energy. Energy can be injected through the Crown Chakra, or through any other Chakra. To determine where to send energy, you will want to scan the person's body. Certain places will feel different and these are the one's that need energy work. Also if a person is sick or injured in a certain area and just wants healing energy, you can send...

Correllian Wicca

The new series of exercises works with the so-called Major Chakras - the seven most important energy centers of the body. There are many things to learn about the Chakras, but we shall only give a brief description of them at this time. They are as follow The Root Chakra - The Root Chakra is located near the prostate in men and the paraurethral gland (the so-called Graffenberg Spot) in women. This is essentially the same location for each, but due to anatomical differences may be perceived as being different. This difference in perception is the reason why some Chakra manuals describe the Root Chakra as being located at the base of the spine and others locate it in the genitals -the former is more the perception of a male, the latter of a female. One can visualize the Root Chakra as being roughly centered in the lower hip region. The Root Chakra has to do with the will to live, vitality, and joy in life. It also has to do with the feeling that one is in the right place and doing those...

Personal Power

Specific places also have particular energies. Some locations are known to have especially powerful energy which acts as a battery to anyone who goes there. Such places are called VORTICES and are the energy centers, or Chakras of the Earth. Some of these Vortices have special qualities, such as healing, or psychic opening. If you visit such a Vortex and work with its' natural energy, you will be able to accomplish much more of whatever its' special qualitydictates, than you might normally be able to do. For example at a healing Vortex, such as that at Bath, England, or at Lourdes, France, healers will be able to manifest much greater healing powers than they might in other places. Meditations conducted at Vortices known for psychic opening, such as those in Sedona, in the Southwestern U.S., may be able to reach much deeper levels and effect greater transformations than when carried out elsewhere. For these reasons such Vortices are considered sacred, and are often the site of...

Hagioshagios etc etc

Certain rnantras in order to awaken the chakras or occult powers exist. These mantras are based on these five vowels. These mantras are the following By means of these mantras, we carry the fire from our solar plexus towards all of our chakras, in order to animate and awaken them. It is good to emphasize the importance that exists in the prolongation of the sound of these vowels.


Chanting, singing, and toning are three of the most widely used methods of energy-raising. A simple chant is best, needing no more than a few words that express the goal, repeated over and over. Complicated songs can distract from the ritual's pupose. Toning, or making a single vowel sound, can be very effective, especially when working with the chakras for example, toning a low note while visualizing energy rising from the lower chakras upward. Vocal vibration is used among many ceremonial magicians.


Eastern philosophies suggest that during meditation you focus your attention on the thousand petaled lotus of the third eye (see Figure 7.2). This is the seventh and highest chakra. In this way you re-orient yourself by transcending association with your gross physical self and your mental identifications and you become aware of the true source. When you sit in meditation, with your attention focused on the third eye, you lift yourself above and beyond the conscious and subconscious cares of the physical.


Of all the herbs associated with dream magick, mugwort is by far the most popular and the most potent. To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, stuff a dream pillow with mugwort leaves and then rest your head upon it to sleep. Other ways in which to induce dreams that reveal the unknown or things that are yet to be include the drinking of mugwort tea and the anointing of the Third Eye chakra with a dab of mugwort juice. Mugwort can also be made into an incense, which, when burned prior to sleeping, aids in astral projection and lucid dreaming, and summons forth dreams that facilitate spiritual and psychic growth.

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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