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This easy program presents a great deal of information packed in less than 8 hours of knowledge that was gathered by one of the world's most recognized people on spirituality andAyurveda. Cate Stillman dedicates 8 hours of deep knowledge about spirituality and enlightenment that will greatly enhance your life in many ways. You will experience a lot of joy in life and fulfillment, as well as getting rid of the insecurities and frustrations that you might be facing in today's world. It will save you the trouble of having to spend years and years in the schoolsof chakras and energy in very little time that will cover all you need, you will get to know your body's rhythms and how to fix them, how to balance your energy, the ways of healing, yoga practices, ways of eating and even practices you should be doing every day that will correct your body's circadian rhythms for the day. That way, you will become the master of your own body and mind, you will finally achieve satisfaction and fulfillment. You can get all the three tracks and the free mat to practice instantly once you make a successful purchase, that way, you will be able to access the information that you need in no time. Continue reading...

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Contents: Audio Course, Ebooks
Author: Cate Stillman
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Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other books out there, but it is produced by a true expert and is full of proven practical tips.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

The Ayurveda Experience

The Ayurveda Experience is a three-step process to becoming more calm, healthy, and happy with a carefully researched 3-step process described in this eBook guide. You will identify your unique personality type and all of the problems and struggles that your personality type faces, and way to live your life so that you will become more satisfied and happier. Most of your problems in life stem from the fact that people do not realize that you are different from them. Since everyone is unique, everyone needs special treatment for their individual problems. There is no such thing as a one size fits all treatment plan for depression or weight or anything else. The Ayurveda Experience takes ancient Indian religion and medicine into account, and your unique person to come up with the perfect plan for you to become as healthy as you could possibly be. Learn your personality and what makes you tick, and then follow the plan to become the best person that you can be, treated the way that you were intended to be treated!

The Ayurveda Experience Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Lissa Coffey
Official Website: www.theayurvedaexperience.com
Price: $97.00

The Elemental Instructor Of The Gnostic Medic

The elemental atoms from Nature are Prana. All the elemental consciousness from Nature is Prana, or life. Therefore, whosoever speaks against the elementals speaks against life, and the princes of these elernentals close the doors to him. Prana is made with the most diverse elemental substances from Nature, which the Gnostic Medic must learn to manipulate.

The Care and Feeding of Ritual Tools

For example, you may have a white willow tree growing in your yard, but its mere presence will not cure a headache. The bark must be harvested and prepared before it becomes herbal medicine (or refined even further to become aspirin). The same holds true for a wand--unless your focus and intent are melded with the wand's consecrated purpose, it has no more power than a stick in a compost heap.

Useful Sachet Powder Ingredients

Most of these herbs can be bought from any shop which specializes in herbal medicines or botanicals. Make sure the herbs are unadulterated though many shops try to get away with tricks like substituting bay for myrtle and so on. Incidentally, a very good amatory herbal bath sachet to be used before any adventure in love, whether it be an act of witchcraft or a night on the tiles is simply prepared as follows

Hippocrates attacks the mages cure for epilepsy I think that the first people to

Have projected this disease epilepsy as sacred were men like those who are now mages magoi and purifiers kathartai and beggar-priests agurtai and vagrant-charlatans alazones . These people purport to be extremely reverent of the gods and to know something more than the rest of us. 11. They use the divine to hide behind and to cloak the fact that they have nothing to apply to the disease and bring relief. So that their ignorance should not become manifest, they promoted the belief that this disease was sacred. 12. They added further appropriate arguments to render their method of healing safe for themselves. They applied purifications katharmoi and incantations epaoidai and told people to refrain from bathing and many foods unsuitable for the sick to eat 13. among fish they banned red mullet, black-tail, grey mullet, and eel (for these are the most hazardous) 14. among meats goat, venison, pork and dog (for these are the meats that upset the stomach most) 15. among poultry cock,...

Esbat of the Wort Moon

An Esbat of the wort moon is an appropriate time for wortcunning (the knowledge and use of the healing and magickal properties of herbs). Many covens, as well as solitaries, dedicate this night to the ritual charging of herbs prior to their preparation and storage. It is also an ideal time for making herbal spell candles, herbal oils, and incense, as well as performing herb-related magick, and giving thanks and presenting offerings, to the spirits that dwell in and watch over a Witch's herb garden. As you place an offering in the garden beneath the rays of the wort moon bright, the spirits may come forth from their secret hiding places among the shadows and reveal to you the many secrets of magickal herbalism.

Curative Words Mantras

Afterwards, Prana or magnetic vitality must be administrated over the solar plexus and over the sick organs with slow magnetic passes and with magnetic insufflations. The magnetic insufflations are performed by inhaling oxygen and Prana and after having mentally charged it with our own vitality, it must be exhaled within a handkerchief and applied over the sick organs of the patient. This act must be accompanied with a powerful concentration of the will and the imagination, united in a vibrating harmony.

To Cause Internal Change

Both antidepressants and morphine are useful to the healing process when they are used correctly. Both can be very dangerous to your health if they are used incorrectly. However, I have never seen a commercial advertising the latest designer morphine. Some people do have chemical imbalances that need to be addressed, but mystery drug commercials are not aimed at the sick they are aimed at the healthy for the purpose of causing psychosomatic illness. Each is its own little magickal attack on your mind for the purpose of profit. No matter what you do, you will continue to receive these assaults. You can turn off your television. You can move away from environments that are not conducive to your health. You can stop listening to people who bring you down, but you cannot prevent every potential attack, so you must establish walls to stave off those attacks.

Cunningham John See John Fian

Judith Phillips Cunning Woman

Cunningham, Scott (1956-1993) Prolific Wiccan author and expert on earth and natural MAGIC, best known for his books on magical herbalism, earth power, crystals, gems and metals and the truth about Witchcraft. Born June 27, 1956, in Royal Oak, Michigan, Cunningham lived in San Diego from 1961 until his death in 1993. He began practicing WICCA in 1971. A full-time writer, he authored more than 30 fiction and nonfiction books and wrote scripts for occult videocassettes. The first book he wrote was Magical Herbalism, though it was not his first to be published. That book, Shadow of Love, an Egyptian romance novel, appeared in 1980. Magical Herbalism was published in 1982. Between 1980 and 1987, Cunningham published 21 novels in various genres, six nonfiction occult books and one nonfiction booklet. Besides Magical Herbalism, his credits include Earth Power Techniques of Natural Magic (1983) Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (1985) The Magic of Incense, Oils and Brews (1987) The...

Bible Verses Used By Hexenmeister

Pricking The Flesh Witch

Powwowers memorize their charms, incantations and recipes. Several books have served as important sources. The most significant book is Pow-wows, or Long Lost Friend (1820), a slim volume written by John George Hohman, a powwower who lived near Reading. Hohm-an and his wife, Catherine, immigrated to Pennsylvania from Germany in 1802. He was a devout Roman Catholic and a great believer in faith healing, but he proved to be mediocre as a practitioner of it. He also failed at farming. He finally achieved modest financial success by collecting various charms and herbal remedies that had existed for centuries in oral tradition and publishing them as a sort of handbook. The Long Lost Friend, as it became known in powwowing country, was not a book of hexes, Hohm-an emphasized. It was for healing, not destroying. While the book did not make him rich, it remains in print to the present day.

White Witchcraft Today

Herbalism and folk medicine on a relatively low level of disease are also practiced, but quackery is never condoned a witch can tell you when to plant your crops, but will suggest you also contact the county agricultural agent she will give you a cold remedy, but will send you straight to Mayo for anything major.

How to write your own spells

If you have trouble finding some of these magical substances, then maybe you can mail order vireos occult shops. There is a list in the back of this book. You may also find web site on which you can order your herbs online. Once online witchcraft shop I like is called Wizard's Realm. (See magic on the net.)

Setting the stage for The Burning Times

By this time the positive and honorable aspects of the old religions had been redefined to appear both destructive and evil. Ironically, witches who were once instrumental in guaranteeing continued fertility, good health, and plentiful harvests were suddenly held responsible for sterility, disease, infant mortality, famine, and blight. One reason for this shift was that the monotheism (belief in one god) of Christianity was in direct opposition to the old notion of multiple gods and natural forces at work in a mysterious universe (polytheism). The nature-based pagan approach to life was displaced by rigid allegiance to the one all-knowing God and the one true religion, Christianity. Now the focus was on life after death the Christian concept of heaven (paradise) and hell (eternal suffering) rather than human existence on Earth. Church leaders declared that any form of worship or spiritual power other than Christianity was related to the devil. This narrow view allowed little room for...

Protective Water Ritual

Herbs have been used for healing since time immemorial in cultures all over the world. In herbal medicine, the herbs whose properties alleviate a particular illness or state of mind are taken internally or applied to the physical body externally. However, in healing magick, light and healing energies are transmitted through colour, crystals, herbs, oils and incenses and used as a focus for transferring healing energies to trigger the body and mind's own immune system, through visualisation and telepathic waves. In this way, healing magick is akin to spiritual healing. But many witches without any formal training in either conventional medical treatment or spiritual healing follow the tradition of the wise men and women, the Wicca. These practitioners passed their craft down over centuries, from one generation to the next, but we also all have an innate ability to heal, which tells us how to soothe a loved one's headache or a child's distress. If you do wish to learn more of the craft...


The man or woman who, when about to go go forth into the town, would fain be free from danger or risk of an accident or to have good fortune in buying, as, for instance, if a scholar hopes that he may find somerare old book or manuscript for sale very cheaply, or if any one wishes to buy anything very desirable or to find bargains or rarities. This scongiurazione one serves for good health, cheerfulness of heart, and absence of evil or the overcoming enmity. These are words of gold unto the believer. 1. This refers to a small ceremony which I have seen performed scores of times, and have indeed had it performed over me almost as often, as an act of courtesy common among wizards and witches. It consists of making certain signs and crosses over a few drops of oil and the head of the one blessed. accompanied by a short incantation. I have had the ceremony seriously commended or prescribed to me as a means of keeping in good health and prosperity.

Colour Healing

Colour has long been believed to have the power to influence not only our moods, but our physical well-being. The Babylonians called the healing power of light 'the medicine of the gods'. Healing colours have been used for thousands of years in Chinese treatments and in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine. The Ancient Egyptians wore amulets of coloured stones red to treat disease, yellow for happiness and prosperity, and green for fertility.

Elemental Evolution

The incoming tides of 'Monads' are dressed with vehicles when Prana enters into activity. Thus, they express themselves as 'elementals.' These elemental tides devolve and evolve. They descend from heaven, from Urania, and then they ascend again towards the infinite. This flux and re-flux of life eternally resounds with the Chinese 'KUNG.'

White Clear

White can form a focus for all kinds of healing since it is the synthesis of all other colours. It promotes health and healing, integration of mind, body and soul. White light is a natural pain-reliever, and can help to protect against cerebral disorders, increase breast milk in nursing mothers, speed the mending of broken bones and relieve calcium deficiency and toothache.

Base oils

Olive Oil masculine (Planetary association sun Associated god forms Apollo, Brahma, India, Jupiter, Mars, Poseidon, Wotan) Olive oil is associated with healing and good health. It is also used as the base for home protection, luck, and lust-inspiring oils. With and without being blended with essential oils, olive oil has been used for anointing for a long time.


If you wanted courage in love, you would use a Mars hour on a Friday. If you needed to communicate your feelings, but found it difficult, you could add the energies of a Mercury hour to a Friday love spell. If you wanted a banishing spell for shedding excess weight, you could use the last days of the waning moon cycle when it is in the sky during the morning before it sets. The banishing lunar energies should take away the compulsion to binge that is keeping you from a healthy lifestyle and if you use them at the hour of Venus, this would increase your inner beauty and help to bring you to a state of self-love. Remember that the beginning of the hour is always the most potent.


Pearson gradually became comfortable with her fairy friends. If she talked about their activities, however, she was tormented with blows that left insensitive spots on her skin. Sympson advised her of when the fairies were coming to her and of the fact that they usually arrived in a whirlwind. Sympson also taught her how to use herbal remedies and told her that every year, the Devil took one-tenth of the fairies away to hell as a tithe.

Folk Magic

Today, the resurgence begun in the late 1960s has produced a generation of aware individuals. Many of these folk magicians have also become involved in channelling, psychic healing, herbal medicine, sensory deprivation, holistic consciousness, crystal work, vegetarianism, neurolinguistic programming, meditation, and Eastern teachings. This-along with a big media push-has produced the New Age movement.


One common remedy for fairy-caused illness was the recitation of Christian pRAYERs followed by a measurement of the patient's girdle to see if the fairy had departed the body (see GIRDLE measuring). Other healers diagnosed the patient's urine. Healers dispensed herbal remedies in the form of powders, potions and unguents. They prescribed CHARMs, little prayers comprised of both pagan and Christian elements. They also cast spells. Some folk-magic remedies required procedures on the part of the patient, such as boiling an egg and burying it in an anthill the disease or condition would disappear when ants had consumed the egg. Healers also made use of gems and semiprecious stones, which have a long history as medicinal objects. The greatest natural healing knowledge comes from herbalism, the earliest of all healing systems and one used throughout the world. In Western culture, herbalism had been developed to a high art by the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks...


24th Yule logs are traditionally burned on Christmas Eve to ensure good health and good fortune throughout the coming year. In addition, they symbolize the union of the male and female aspects of the Divine. It is said that to avoid bad luck, holly must be picked before Christmas Eve but not brought into the house prior to this day. The Celtic tree month of Birch (Beth) begins. Buchman, Dian Dincin. Herbal Medicine The Natural Way to Get Well and Stay Well. New York Wings Books, 1996.


Besides quartz, dozens of other types of stones are being used to promote health, draw love, attract money, bring peace, and to guard against ills of every kind. Many persons aren't aware that quartz crystal isn't the only type of stone called upon to release or to absorb energy.

To Help the Sick

1 Ever remember the promise of the goddess, For ecstasy is mine and joy on earth so let there ever be joy in your heart. Greet people with joy, be glad to see them. If times be hard, think, It might have been worse. I at least have known the joys of the Sabbath, and I will know them again. Think of the grandeur, beauty, and Poetry of the rites, of the loved ones you meet through them. If you dwell on this inner joy, your health will be better. You must try to banish all fear, for it will really touch you. It may hurt your body, but your soul is beyond it all.

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