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Astral Travel Now is a 14 module audio program by the renowned top hypnotist Dr. Steve G. Jones also known as The Celebrity Hypnotist.This system is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of having and sustaining a conscious Out of Body Experience (OBE) by equipping you with the essential prerequisites needed to achieve a true astral experience. You'll learn how to experience the wonders and pleasures that Astral Projection can offer you. Explore other cities and countries in an instant and even visit other planets and worlds unknown to mankind. The astral projection will give you insights into your true being thereby leading you to your life purpose with astounding joy. Also, develop your own natural skills of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and experience feelings of joy and pleasure 99.9% of humans will never come close to feeling. Furthermore, you can take what you learn while astral projecting and apply it into the real world in order to change your reality to the one you desire. All these and more is what Astral Travel Now offers you. A program that will turn your life around for good! Read more here...

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To achieve astral projection with meditation for those who cant dance

Cast a circle in the normal way except that when you smudge, do so with astral projection incense. When it comes time to invite the Lord and Lady, use a god form that corresponds with the intent of your travel. Place a few drops of astral travel oil or tincture on each temple. The exact circumstances in which one can achieve astral travel will change from individual to individual. If the presented formula for oil and tincture does not work for you, see Chapter 9 for other associations that might. The same is true of the incense that is used to smudge the circle. Better yet, have your lover massage your temples lightly with the oil while you attempt to extend yourself outside of your body. Tumbled quartz seems to aid astral travel greatly, especially when tourmalated. If you have access to these, rub them on your temples and then place them on your forehead (if lying down) or crown (if sitting). Achieving deliberate astral travel is sometimes elusive in a waking state. Allow yourself...

The Shamanic Technique of astral projection Throw yourself at the ground and miss

There are many techniques for achieving astral travel. I have had my best results with what can be described as the Shamanic method. I call this the Shamanic technique because it incorporates Shamanic customs more than other techniques thus it is important to note that practicing this rite no more makes one a Shaman than changing a tire makes one a mechanic. Eliminate the potential of distraction. Go skyclad if you are comfortable with it. Wear loose-fitting clothing if you are not. Never eat directly before attempting astral travel or put off eating prior to your efforts. Ideally, you will be neither hungry nor bloated. Although sensory depravation is a common prerequisite for astral travel, entering the altered state in which travel is achieved can be assisted by our senses. The steady beat of a drum (use a CD if it is really necessary), chant, or rattle is often used in the Shamanic technique. Having a partner is just about mandated for this technique. A small group of trusted...

Astral travel

This is probably the single hokiest-sounding topic you will find in this book. It is also one of the ones that seems to work with just about everyone. With its reference to the astral plane, the concept of travel is difficult to understand. The key is that you are not leaving your body at all. As with dreaming, astral projection is an exploration of your mind and the interconnections it has to the total human experience. This is why the ability to travel the astral plane during sleep seems inherent to most humans. The dream state is a place in which our sensory input is limited. Without external distractions,

Another Jinn Practice

The powerful, energetic forces of the subconscious are the ones which take the physical body out from the chemical-physical region and place it within the astral plane. This is how the physical body abandons the law of gravity and this chemical region, in order to penetrate within the astral plane, where the laws of levitation reign. Those who perform this secret in order to enter with their physical bodies into the astral plane will transport themselves to the most far away places of the earth in a few seconds, because time and space do not exist within the astral plane. There, everything is an eternal 'now', an eternal present.

The Elemental Instructor Of The Gnostic Medic

When the Gnostic Medic affiliates himself with an internal school of elemental magic, he has to become skillful in the astral body in order to bring all the memories into his physical brain. All of Nature is the body of a Goddess who exists in the astral plane. This Goddess has on her head a great queen's crown and she wears a resplendent white tunic. She is the one who commands in Nature, she is the blessed Mother Goddess of the World. She has a temple in the internal worlds, where she officiates and commands. This temple has two It is necessary for the Magician to learn to speak with this Goddess in the astral plane. The Goddess Mother of the World also has her Elemental Advocate, which is the Elemental Sphinx of Nature. The Magician must learn to command this Sphinx and to converse with this Goddess in order to become lord of all creation. We learn the powerful elemental wisdom in the school of the Elemental Sphinx. This school is situated in the astral world. Whosoever wants to be...

Magic Of The Angels Trumpet Plant Datura Arbrea L

Every Angel's Trumpet tree has its corresponding elemental, who has to be utilized by those who wish to consciously depart in their astral body. I was frequently utilizing the elemental of this tree in order to teach my disciples to consciously depart in their astral bodies. I say that I was utilizing it because I am referring to ancient times.

God Of The Month The Sorcerer

Lord of Death, the Old God was also the Patron of Shamans, Priests, and Sorcerers. He presided over omens, dreams, and ecstatic trance. In many ancient traditions the Old God led the Wild Ride in which the souls of the dead were believed to ride forth by night in a great and tumultuous procession, in which the living could also join through trance and astral projection. This was the central feature of the now extinct German form of Witchcraft known as the Hexenrai.

The Secret Order Of The Epoptae

Very ancient Scriptures of Tibetan Tantrism speak about a universal secret Order from the Astral world, which can initiate any aspirant during the normal, common and current dream state, while out of the physical body. Go to sleep with your head towards the north. Relax your body, invoke Tahuil and call upon the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae with the following prayer OM, I call, I invoke the Master Tahuil and the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae, so that they can take me out from my physical body and awake me in the Astral world. The Adepts from the Order of the Epoptae will educate you in the Astral world during the normal dream state.

Elemental Magic Of The Juniper Tree Juniperis comunis L

The branches and berries of the Juniper tree also have the power of cleaning our astral body from any type of larvae. This marvelous elemental obeys an elemental Queen of the fire. We see in the internal worlds this great elemental Queen seated upon her throne of fire. The memories of Nature tell us that the Juniper tree has the power of placing our endocrine glands into a special, super-ffinctioning degree. This simply signifies that all the chakras from the astral body enter into activity by means of the rite of the Juniper tree.

Crystals and stones Crystals

Amethyst crystals can help promote your psychic power and astral projection. I like to place a big chunk of amethyst under my pillow to help promote my psychic dreaming. Amethyst crystals can also help you go into meditative states and trances. Red Sexual energy and lust Pink Love and self-enchantment Blue Healing, mind power Orange creative energy and power Purple Psychic power and astral projection Black Banishment and scrying for pictures

The Faculties Of Medicine

Astral body Emmanuel Kant, the great German Philosopher, admits that nisus formativus, the Astral body, or Linga Sarira of the Theosophists, exists. Perfumes are never absent within the Lama convent of the Hundred Thousand Images of Maitreya. Doctor Rudolf Steiner affirms that the employment of perfumes for the healing of sicknesses had a very remote past and has a splendid future. Leadbeater said that our sins and faults bounce back into the Astral body and that they can be eliminated through the action of certain perfumes. Each vice has its own larvae that are attached to the Astral body. Thus, the total healing of those vices is achieved only by the disintegration of those larvae by means of certain perfumes.

Chapter Healing by Root Flower

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), also known as St. John's plant, grows wild in the United States. Mugwort is well known as a tonic, but it is also a stimulant, a nervine, an emmenag-ogue, and a diaphoretic. To make mugwort tea, take a leaf of the plant and follow the same instructions as given above for mullein tea. Drink before beginning divinations and seeking prophetic dreams. Old beliefs suggest that it has the power to protect from evil if carried on the person, safeguarding one from many forms of harm. Perhaps its greatest gift is that it aids in astral projection. For this, some suggest drinking a cup of mugwort tea prior to bedtime, placing some mugwort under you pillow, and rubbing a leaf around your nose area. Mugwort is an unusual herb. I call it the opener of the gate to other worlds. prepare in the same manner as explained in making mullein tea. I have always liked all of the mint teas, but prefer peppermint best of all. Its properties include purification spells, healing...

The Occult is Popular

The forms of the occult can include mediums, channelers, clairvoyants, psychics, spiritists, diviners, mystics, gurus, shamans, psychical researchers, Yogis, psychic and holistic healers, astral travel, astrology, mysticism, Ouija boards, Tarot cards, contact with the dead, UFO's, and thousands of other practices which almost defy cataloging. Occultism includes Satanism, astrology, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, theosophy, witchcraft and many forms of serious magic. It includes activities seeking the acquisition of hidden things which are expressly forbidden by God in the Bible. Don't overlook the pulpits It includes views and doctrines that Paul warned Timothy about Doctrines of Demons (1 Tim 4 1).

Elemental Magic Of The Guava Tree Guayabo Psidium guajaba L

All of these works of elemental magic must be performed after having asked permission to the Lords of Karma. Therefore, I teach to all my disciples to depart in their astral bodies, in order for them to visit the temples of the Lords of Karma. Those who do not know how to depart in their astral bodies can consult the Lords of the Law by opening the Bible.

Folklore From The Sierra Nevada

These wise Indian Medics live in the Astral plane and they concur to the bed of the sick person who calls them with his thoughts and heart filled with faith. The founder of the College of Initiates is the 'Maha-Guru', who dwells in Eastern Tibet. We, the Masters of the White Lodge achieved the mastery over the Tattwas. We converted ourselves into Kings and Queens of Creation after we fused ourselves with our own Intimate (Spirit), also after we redeemed our animal soul. This is accomplished by assimilating the psychic extract of the ethereal body, the psychic extract of the astral body and the psychic extract of the mental body, within our own Spiritual Soul.

The Snake And The Mirror

The power of the Medic-Magician is based on the snake. The snake Curanderos live making war amongst themselves. When a snake Curandero has a lot of fame and clientele, then the rest of the Curanderos make war upon him and they send serpents to bite him and kill him. Those snakes are sent abroad through the astral plane from far away. This is what we call Jinn state.

Elemental Earth Of The Sages Samael Aun Weor

The disciple will sit on a chair before a table. He will place his elbows on the table and will hold his head with his left hand. Meanwhile, he will perform magnetic passes by passing his right hand over his head from the forehead to the neck, with the purpose of magnetizing himself. Thus, with force, he will thrust (with the magnetic passes) his astral body outwards, towards the temple of 'Buritaca', which is the headquarters of the ancient wisdom of the Mayan Ray. A while later, after some time of practice, the disciple will 'go out' of his physical body with his astral body, and Kalusuanga, the sublime Master of the Mayan Ray, will instruct him in his Mysteries and teach him the medical wisdom. The clue in order to travel in astral body in the form already described is given, thanks to Kalusuanga, the powerflul God, child of the seven red seas and of the seven rays of the Sun. The disciples will go out of their physical bodies each time they wish to do so, when they practice the...

Jinn Humans And Jinn Lands

In the case of Juan Bautista Miranda, the 'Mamas' operated by submerging his assumed dead body within the Astral plane. This is how they transported him to the Sierra Nevada. We know that there are Fakirs in India who bury themselves alive and they endure months in this buried state. The case of Miranda was analogous. When the Spaniard Conquistadors came to America, the wise Indians hid their sacred Temples by putting them into the Astral plane. Those Temples still exist in this day and age. However, they are hidden to the eyes of the profane. This is called Jinn State. The physical body enters, in this case, within the Astral plane and remains out of the law of gravity. This process is performed by the powerful energies of the subconscious. This is why we insist that the disciple must leave his house while preserving his dreamy state.

How to make a divination scaring vessel

Light a white candle and let the flame reflect in the vessel you have made. Use your psychic insights to help you see pictures or symbols of the further. Before you do this small simple ritual I would recommend you cast the Astral projection spell. Astral projection is where you orb out of you body into a astral realm. A lot of people say astral projection is dangerous. In my opinion it'd not. Do it in a white light circle.

Elemental Magic Of Tue Jayo Coca Erythroxilon Coca

This marvelous plant serves in order to help one depart in astral body. The mantra of the Jayo' is BOYA-BOYA-BOYA. A secret formula exists in order to prepare a potion with the 'Jayo.' This potion permits the Magician to consciously depart in his astral body. I must be very careful not to divulge this sacred formula, because humanity is not prepared in order to receive it.

Gnostic Prayer

Abnormal individuals exist everywhere who boast of themselves because they have mediumistic faculties, through which certain larvae that pollute the astral plane are expressed. Such individuals say that they receive messages from our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, they found Lodges and Societies with decrepit and ignorant old men. With their lack of respect for the most great and sublime Being who came into the world, they have reached the breaking point as impostors.


It is also used on some altars to represent the Goddess, with a gold candle for the Horned God. Silver is potent in all forms of divination, but especially for candle divination, for awakening clairvoyant powers, telepathic and psychometric abilities, astral projection, for rituals to invoke anima (female) power, for intuition and mysticism. It represents dreams, visions and a desire for fulfilment beyond

Magic Of The Roses

The Chela (disciple) who wants to visit the morning star with his astral body will operate in the following way My son, this is a very dangerous hour for astral projection, because all the world is filled with a pink light This clue which we give here in order to travel in astral body to the star Venus, I, Samael Aun Weor, received from the Great Egyptian Initiate Mary, mother of Jesus of Nazareth.


Now as we said in LESSON I the Universe is composed of energy. All of these different parts of the being are composed of energy. You in every level of yourself are composed of energy, as is everything around you. Energy reacts to thought and emotion -this is why by rising to your Higher Self, specifically the Astral level- you can effect and control energy, i.e. work magic.

You Are Here

Above our level of common experience is our Higher Self, a concept you were introduced to in LESSON I. The Higher self like the Lower Self has three levels of being. Immediately above our common perception is the Astral self (4th Dimension). Also called the Causal self', the Astral self is the part of us which determines what things we choose to experience in a given physical life, and what lessons we are trying to learn. It is from this level that the Higher Self creates the life we are living. The Astral portion of the Higher Self sets the pattern of life, accepts or rejects every potential event in it, and can make whatever alterations the Higher Self chooses, at any point during the life. This is one reason it is so important to be on good terms with our Higher Self, because by moving in synch with its' choices we make life a much easier process. The Astral level, also sometimes called the Intuitional or Buddhic level, is the level that we shift to when we work magic.

Astral Departures

Am I in Astral body Then, perform a small jump and if you float it is because you are within your Astral body. Thus, you can fly and direct yourself to any place in the world. If you do not float, it is because you are within your body of flesh and bones. When one practices this exercise during the day, then it is repeated during one's dreams and the result is that the consciousness awakens and experiences a lucid dream. One becomes aware that one is out from the physical body in the Astral world.


The Astral body is the mediator between the soul and the Intimate. Thus, it is only in this astral mediator region where our Monad can be liberated. Here is where all of the Initiations are verified. Buddha, the mystic consciousness has to express itself through our Astral body in order to perform 'the Truth', which is Nudhi, and which truly is the Intimate or Atman within ourselves. While this mystic consciousness, Buddha, cannot express itself through the Astral body, neither can it express itself through the physical body or Stulta Sarira, because the Astral body is the mediator between the mystic consciousness and the physical body. When the human being spills the semen (reaches the orgasm), he loses millions of solar atoms which then are replaced by millions of demonic atoms from the very infernos of the human being. This produces a tenebrous obscurity within the Astral body. When the human being accomplishes with the following formula, which is to introduce the virile member...


All of our Gnostic disciples of this day and age must employ the powers of this elemental in order to learn how to consciously depart in astral body. For this purpose, just proceed as we have just taught. You must imperiously command the elemental like this When I call you, you will always assist me. I need you to take me out in my astral body every time that I command you to do so. When the disciple wants to consciously depart in his astral body, he goes to sleep on his bed and pronounces the mantra of this tree. His mind is concentrated on this elemental genie, calling him mentally and begging him to take him out in his astral body. In the state of transition between vigil and dream, the elemental of the Angel's Trumpet tree will take him out of his physical body and will take him consciously to the places longed for. stated, these flowers must be crushed with a stone, then their juice is extracted and applied over the brain in order to depart in astral body. It is beneficial to...

The Witchs Familiar

Basically, there are three types of magistellus. There is that which is used as the coven totem animal, mentioned earlier in connection with the symbolism of the witch bracelet. This symbolic animal form is decided upon at the formation of a coven by mutual agreement among the members and after much introspection and divination. The chosen totemic animal form or forms, for there may be several, is then ritually assumed by coven members during the chain dance at the Sabbat itself, and also should they at any time wish to indulge in the practice of sending for the fetch, commonly known as astral projection.

Elijah Hadynn

EH I always knew that I was different. I can remember the moment that I was born. It was on Cave Branch, in a little wooden house. I can vividly remember my first breath of air. I used to sleep with my hands outstretched with my thumb in between my two fingers. Years later I read that that was supposedly a sign of the witch. I often went on astral journeys. I'm ambidextrous, though I lean towards lefthandedness. I've had thirty six moles removed from my body another sign of the witch. My mother was born the day before Christmas. My great grandfather was a Cherokee medicine man. There were two gypsies present at my birth, and one of them had said earlier 'A great man will be born in that house.'

Salt water

What's astral projection Astral projection is where you orb out of your body. Using astral projection you can orb to the astral realms. Some people say astral projection can be quiet dangerous, but I personally think it's not. If you plan to do an astral projection spell (there is a method in this book) then do it in a white light circle. The aim of astral projection is to master the astral light and not let it master you

The Witches Cradle

The second variation (Figure 8.3) is suspended by the leather sleeves. The leather sheath was cushioned with fur (modern versions use foam rubber) for comfort. The crossbar is suspended by a yoke to a single rope, again to provide ground disorientation. Notice that in both cases the spine is kept straight. Not only did the Cradle produce sensory isolation, which aided freeing of the consciousness, it also aided the projection of the consciousness beyond the physical body astral projection.


Damiana Diferant Plant Picture

Can easily see that this is most defiantly not an end or even for that matter a beginning. The training we get from learning about the Qabalah also teaches us to use deeper levels of our minds and the use of the same symbols as that of the conscious mind helps us to guard against misinterpretation in the metaphysical mind. Further knowledge teaches us that the images we see only symbolize that which is in fact much greater. There is more to the beyond than just the Astral Plane and this is


Belladonna was a poisonous plant prized by sorcerers of centuries past, who used it to induce psychic visions and astral projections. Known by many as deadly nightshade, belladonna was also a popular ingredient in magickal poisons used by some sorcerers to inflict death or madness upon their enemies and rivals. According to The Warlock's Book by Peter Haining, fourteen of its berries will produce death. Half that number will cause wild excitement and delirium.

Remote viewing

This is possible because, like the more tangible plane, the astral plane is a shared reality. In a non-astral state, it is not necessary to have a memory of a place that does not yet appear to reside in your mind. Even if someone else built a house, you can enter and move about. The astral plane is no different except The greatest potential in astral travel can be found in its offer of knowledge. Virtually every potentiality exists scattered around different parts of the astral. If there is a cure for AIDS, it rests in bits and pieces that need only be assembled. The downside to recovering such information is that, just like in the real world, most of us could hold such a cure in our hands and have absolutely no idea what it was. So go with what you know. Artists can improve their artwork by viewing the potentiality of other artwork. Computer programmers can improve their programs by viewing the potentiality of other computer programs. The upside is that international copyright laws...


Sit in a circle around a mirror that is black framed. Place two purple candles either side of the mirror. Did you know that when it is Halloween, the astral realm and this realm is at it's thinnest which makes this night the best time for divination and the use of oujia boards

Solitary Witchcraft

She may also be gifted in divination, in spell-casting and in astral projection. Usually a woman, but occasionally a man, the solitary witch practises eclectic magick drawn from a variety of traditions. In the Further Reading section on page 301, you will find some suggested books in which you can read about some of these different traditions.

Vengeance And Attack

On an earlier page, I referred to a certain use of the witches' cord wherein it is used by the practitioner to bind himself. This is done on two occasions. First, many witches believe that by restricting the use of limbs and blocking up the avenues of the senses, the inherent witch power can be let free to wander abroad, either in an invisible form as a disembodied and clairvoyant astral body, or a semiembodied, half-materialized fetch.

Living Witchcraft

I think a witch by her formulae stimulates it, or possibly creates more of it. They say that witches by constant practice can train their wills to blend this, nerve force, or whatever it is, and that their united wills can project this as a beam of force, or that they can use it in other ways to gain clairvoyance, or even to release the astral body.

Poison Hemlock

A plant sacred to the Greek goddess Hecate, hemlock is said to have been used by some Witches of old to induce astral projections and also to render men sexually impotent. The extracted juice from the plant was rubbed onto the blades of ritual daggers and swords for purification and magickal empowerment prior to their use.

Necronomican Absu

Fixing their astral bodies as constellations That they may watch the Gate of ABSU The Gate of TIAMAT they watch The Gate of KINGU they oversee The Gate whose Guardian is IAK SAKKAK they bind. All the Elder Powers resist The Force of Ancient Artistry The Magick Spell of the Oldest Ones The Incantation of the Primal Power The Mountain KUR, the Serpent God The Mountain MASHU, that of Magick The Dead KUTULU, Dead but Dreaming TIAMAT, Dead but Dreaming ABSU, KINGU, Dead but Dreaming And shall their generation come again

Ens Naturae

The cerebrum spinal nervous system is the throne of the Intimate (Spirit) and the grand sympathetic nervous system is the diocese of the Astral body of the human being. The disciples who cannot remember their astral experiences must submit their ethereal body to a surgical operation which the Nirmanakayas perform in the first hall of Nirvana (the first subplane of Nirvana referred to in Theosophy). After this operation, the disciple can take into his astral travels the ethers which he needs in order to bring back his memories. It is necessary for the disciple to learn how to take in his astral travels the beloved Maiden of our memories, in order to bring the memory of all that he sees and hears within the internal worlds. She serves as a mediator between the senses of the physical brain and the ultrasensible senses of the Astral body. She is like the storage of memory (if 'storage' as a concept fits here). Vaccinations must be restricted in all cases, because they damage the Astral...


I got up from my bed and filled with faith I followed her, walking with a firm and decisive step. A spiritual voluptuousness was inebriating me. So, I decided to float in the air. I comprehended that I had submerged myself within the astral plane, yet, I did it with my physical body. I understood that when the physical body is submerged within the astral body it can levitate and remain under the laws of the astral plane, yet, without losing its physiological characteristics. In the beginning, the student will only transport himself in his astral body. Later on the student will transport himself with his body in Jinn State. This is a matter of much practice and tenacity. Wherever a Jinn State, an astral projection, a Temple in Jinn State or an enchanted lake exists, the HAR-PO-CRAT-IST forces are found in an active function.

Fox Selena

One of her most famous books is The Mystical Qab-balah (1936), in which she discusses the Western esoteric tradition and how the Qabbalah (see KABBALAH) is used by modern students of the Mysteries. The true nature of the gods, she said, is that of magical images shaped out of the astral plane by mankind's thought, and is influenced by the mind.

Ens Astrale

In the temple of Alden, the Masters sit their patients in an armchair that is under yellow, blue and red lights. These three primary colors serve in order to make the larvae of a sickness visible in the Astral body. The Masters treat the organism with innumerable medications after having extracted those larvae from the astral organism of the patient. When the Astral body is already healed, then, mathematically the physical body will be healed, because before the physical atoms of an organ become sick, the 'internal' atoms of the same organ are already sick.


Purple candles aid meditation, work with past lives, scrying with candles and mirrors, and astral travel. They are good for psychic protection and preventing nightmares. Purple can also be used for all rituals where the facts are not clear, for clearing secrecy, for healing the spirit and for banishing what lies in the past, especially failure, and for remembering departed loved ones. Below, I have given subdivisions for different shades of purple, but in practice they are interchangeable.

The Kundalini

In Gnosticism, we call the spinal vertebrae cannons or pyramids. Each cannon is related with determined occult powers. There exist 33 spinal cannons. When the Kundalini fire has already risen through the 33 cannons, then, within the astral plane, the Staff of the Patriarchs is delivered to the Gnostic. The High Initiation is received when the Staff of the Patriarchs has already been received.


The silver cord is united to the left ventricle of the heart. When we travel in astral body, the soul can return into the physical body thanks to such a cord. However, when death occurs, the soul no longer can return into her physical body, because the cord is already cut. The deceased ones mold the astral part of their tombs by means of their imagination. Thus, they give to their tombs the aspect of bedroonis or hospital rooms. The astral matter is essentially flexible. Therefore, that matter takes any form which the imagination gives it. For example, if you, beloved reader, imagine a hat, then that hat will be converted into a reality in the astral world. The cadaver attracts the soul and the soul acts upon the plastic matter of the astral world by means of the imagination. This is how the soul transforms the tomb into a bedroom or into a hospital room. Many years ago, a cadaver of a beautiftil lady had been buried within that tomb. Yet, the lady with her imagination within the...

The Magickal Process

Astral Projection The astral plane is the working ground of the magician. It is the level of awareness in the etheric world that is close to the material world. It vibrates faster than the material world but looks similar when viewed clairvoyantly. To the traveler on the astral plane, the scenery and everything connected with it seem as solid as the most solid material appears to the physical eye. The astral plane is just as real to the astral body as the material plane is to the physical body. In magick, the astral plane is where the truth about all things is revealed. It is the place of angels, demons, and fairies, host to the elemental forces of nature. The astral plane holds the secret of power and the key to the creation of miraculous effects on the physical plane. Most magicians believe that each thought, idea, or action sets up a vibration on the astral plane. Not only are thoughts and ideas logged onto the astral plane, but so are duplicate images of every object and living...


Of all the herbs associated with dream magick, mugwort is by far the most popular and the most potent. To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, stuff a dream pillow with mugwort leaves and then rest your head upon it to sleep. Other ways in which to induce dreams that reveal the unknown or things that are yet to be include the drinking of mugwort tea and the anointing of the Third Eye chakra with a dab of mugwort juice. Mugwort can also be made into an incense, which, when burned prior to sleeping, aids in astral projection and lucid dreaming, and summons forth dreams that facilitate spiritual and psychic growth.

The Mind

The Magician must abandon his physical body and depart within his astral body. 3. Then, he must command his astral body as follows Astral Body, withdraw from me. 4. He must cast his Astral Body out from himself, through his spinal column. 5. Subsequently, his Astral Body will fall out of him from his back and will go out.

Ens Espirituale

The Black Magicians know how to inject venomous substances into the Astral body of their victims. Thus, inevitably, they get sick. The Astral body is a material organism a little bit less dense than the physical organism. The Masters in these cases give an emetic medicine to the Astral body of the sick person, in order for him to vomit the injected substances. When a very grave damage to the Mental body is transmitted into the physical brain by reflection, then, it produces craziness. A disconnection between the Astral body and the Mental body originates furious madness. If there is no adjustment between the Astral body and the Ethereal body, then, necessarily, the idiot or cretin is the outcome. A laboratory of Alchemy of high transcendence exists within the temple of Alden, where the great Masters of Medicine dwell, such as, Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Galenus, Hermes and others. This temple is in the Astral plane, within the living innermost parts of great Nature.

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

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