Mixing Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Natural Scents that Help and Heal

Aromatherapy Natural Scents that Help and Heal

You have probably heard the term Aromatherapy and wondered what exactly that funny word, „aromatherapy‟ actually means. It is the use of plant oils in there most essential form to promote both mental and physical well being. The use of the word aroma implies the process of inhaling the scents from these oils into your lungs for therapeutic benefit.

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Essential oils and absolutes

This is the very essence of scented plant material. Various methods are used to extract the essential oils, including steam distillation and cold pressing. Absolutes are oils that have been obtained using alcohol and fat. Until relatively recently, lard (pig fat) or tallow (beef fat) was used. Today, vegetative fats are generally substituted for the death products. The alcohol and fat method of removing the essential oils is necessary when the scent of the plant is unstable. Most often, this will be with flowers that must be picked during certain weather conditions or times of the day. The plant material is pressed into sheets of fat and left for the fat to absorb the oils from the plant. The oils are then extracted out of the fat using alcohol. The process is much more expensive than either steam distillation or cold pressing, so when you see the word absolute next to a choice, check the price before you commit. There are almost as many potential sources of essential oils as there...

Protective Water Ritual

A number of witches are formally trained in the healing arts, using both conventional methods, such as surgery, and alternative therapies, such as chiropractic, aromatherapy and Reiki. Witches may also be members of healing associations, and conventional medicine is increasingly recognising the value of alternative and much older methods. But many witches without any formal training in either conventional medical treatment or spiritual healing follow the tradition of the wise men and women, the Wicca. These practitioners passed their craft down over centuries, from one generation to the next, but we also all have an innate ability to heal, which tells us how to soothe a loved one's headache or a child's distress. If you do wish to learn more of the craft see pages 299 and 305-7 where I have listed books on herbalism and aromatherapy and healing organisations.

Miscellany of Recipes

I created this as aromatherapy for use at a job I hated, to keep me from being snappish and rude to coworkers that didn't deserve my enmity. Mix all ingredients and grind into a mush, then carry in a jar and inhale the scent to alleviate bad mood, surliness, and other I-hate-my-species feelings.

Translating formulas for use in candles

It is important to mention that the tinctures in Chapter 7 can be used in place of essential oils in most operations. Making candles is not one of those operations. They may be used for anointing candles, but using highly flammable substances in conjunction with most candle-making operations is incredibly dangerous. The average kitchen contains the fixings of many above-average bombs. If you want to use these oils to make your own candles, modify the oil recipes by skipping the base oil entirely and translating the number of drops to a ratio of pure essential oils. As an example, lets look at Adonis oil

Warning that Should be Obvious

This goes doubly for essential oils, which are super-concentrated and easily absorbed through the skin. Never add more than five drops of an essential oil to a bath ginger oil, for example, can lower your body temperature dangerously, and most spice oils such as cinnamon are highly irritating to the skin.

Magicka Incense and Tinctures

Tinctures that can be made from these incense recipes can be substituted for the oils listed in Chapter 8. Tinctures are much more affordable than essential oils, but they are generally not available at your local pagan shop because, although most extracts that are used in cooking are themselves tinctures, anyone other than a grocery store will generally be hit with a fine or imprisonment for selling alcohol without a license. After a teenager was suspended for drinking ginseng extract at his school, gas stations and grocery stores were forced to remove boxes of ginseng extract or face the potential of jail time. But that does not mean that it is illegal for you to make your own tinctures. The violation of law only comes in when you try to sell the product without having a liquor sales permit.

Base oils

Olive Oil masculine (Planetary association sun Associated god forms Apollo, Brahma, India, Jupiter, Mars, Poseidon, Wotan) Olive oil is associated with healing and good health. It is also used as the base for home protection, luck, and lust-inspiring oils. With and without being blended with essential oils, olive oil has been used for anointing for a long time.

Personal Power

This is also true of fragrances, such as essential oils and incenses, whose unique qualities effect our energy as well. For example Sage or Rosemary have a cleansing energy, which we use to aid in purification. Sandalwood promotes spiritual opening while Cinnamon is protective in character.

Incense Magick

Incenser Draw

Like herbs and oils, incense can be empowered for specific purposes and can itself form a focus for a spell, as I describe later in this section. In formal magick, incense represents the Air element and is placed in the East of the altar. It is perhaps the easiest and most accessible magical substance and yet it can be a very potent form of magick. Incense burning differs from lighting essential oils, in that the fragrance is transmitted almost instantly on the smoke and so tends to be more concentrated and powerful than the slower-burning oils. It is therefore very effective for rituals requiring immediate action or the same intensity of effort from start to finish, rather than a gradual increase, perhaps of love or prosperity.


W hen it comes to advice on magickal oils, bookstores seem to offer two distinctly different views. The first type calls the subject aromatherapy. Books in the aromatherapy genre deal almost exclusively with the relationship of oils to human emotions. It is a long-established fact that scent impacts the mind on many levels. The second genre of books on magickal oils are the ones that list such mixtures as money-drawing oil without any attempt at explaining why the oil might help you win at bingo. I believe we can use one of these schools of thought to explain the other. Most oils that are used in spellcraft are either pure essential oils or a blend of pure essential oils in much more affordable base oil. I have listed a concentration of 21 drops of pure essential oil to one-half ounce of base oil. This is the ratio that I have had the most luck with. It is much stronger than most magickal blends you will find in stores. The reason is twofold. First, essential oils are very costly and...