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7 Day Prayer Miracle

7 Day Prayer Miracles is products which depict the life of Amanda Rose, who is living testimony of what the miracle can do in your life. She went through a difficult time in her life but eventually, it came to pass. The most troubling challenges which she went through was the tragic accident which saw her husband bedridden for some time. In addition to that, she had a lot of debts, which was bringing a lot of embarrassment to other people in life. However, after meeting Michael, who shared with her about the prayers, she decided to try the power of the prayer. On the first day when she prayed, she received a call from the landlord who apologized. She received some more miracles in life, and she was a witness what God could do with your life. The product is available on e-Book and comes with a bonus Read more...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this book, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I bought a copy myself to figure out what all the excitement was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Ritual With Seven Angels

It does not matter in which order you invoke the angels. Start at the hour that suits you best. If you keep to the same hour, you will work with the energies of each of the archangels over a seven-day period. Alexandra, a friend who carried out the ritual for her son Sam who was going away to college, began on the first hour at sunset on Wednesday, which meant the ritual used the energies of the archangel Michael. The final ritual on the Tuesday was Sam's leaving party. Sam joined in the final candle-lighting just before his party and later said that when he was lonely or scared at college, he remembered the candles and felt protected. If you cannot obtain candles of the right colour, use white. If you cannot find the right angelic fragrance, substitute lavender or sandalwood - these are all-purpose. For angelic crystals, use any of the colours associated with the angel, if the specific ones you want are not available. The crystals need only be tiny.

Holy Guardian Angels

Down the ages there have been many different ideas regarding these beings and it can be a confusing mine field to work through. However, most ideas fall into one of two categories when we whittle them down. There are those who believe the Holy Guardian Angel, hence forth known as HGA, to be a totally external being. They believe it is an entity totally separate from the person which chooses to watch over someone's spiritual well being. Also in this category are the HGA's again separate in origin who are bound by part life or karma to watch over someone's spirituality. Crowley and others like him however believed the HGA was the Silent Self , representative of one's truest divine nature. Even though the HGA is, in a sense, the higher self', it is often experienced as a separate being, independent from the person relating to it. In systems of magic such as Thelema, the single most important goal is Originally Posted by Crowley . It should never be forgotten for a single moment that the...

This bond as followeth is to call him into your christall stone or glasse c

, the first and the last, and by the latter daie of judgement, of them which shall come to judge the quicke and the dead, and the world by fier, and by their vertues and powers I constreine thee spirit N. to come to him that holdeth the christall stone in his hand, & to appeare visiblie, as hereafter foloweth. Also I conjure thee spirit N. by these holie names of God + Tetragrammaton + Adonay + El + Ousion + Agla + Jesus + of Nazareth + and by the vertues thereof and by his nativitie, death, buriall, resurrection, and ascension, and by all other things apperteining unto his passion, and by the blessed virgine Marie mother of our Lord Jesu Christ, and by all the joy which shee had when shee saw hir sonne rise from death to life, and by the vertues and powers therof I constreine thee spirit N. to come into the christall stone, & to appeare visiblie, as herafter shalbe declared. Also I conjure thee N. thou spirit, by all angels, archangels, thrones, dominations, principats, potestats,...

Then being appeared saie these words following

I conjure thee spirit, by God the father, that thou shew true visions in that christall stone, where there be anie N. in such a place or no, upon paine of everlasting condemnation, Fiat, Amen. Also I conjure thee spirit N. by God the sonne Jesus Christ, that thou doo shew true visions unto us, whether it be gold or silver, or anie other metals, or whether there were anie or no, upon paine of condemnation, Fiat, Amen. Also I conjure thee spirit N. by God the Holie-ghost, the which dooth sanctifie all faithfull soules and spirits, and by their vertues and powers I constreine thee spirit N. to speake, open, and to declare, the true waie, how we may come by these treasures hidden in N. and how to have it in our custodie, & who are the keepers thereof, and how manie there be, and what be their names, and by whom it was laid there, and to shew me true visions of what sort and similitude they be, and how long they have kept it, and to knowe in what daies and houres we shall call such a...

An experiment of the dead

N. that my spirit that is within my bodie now, shall not ascend, nor descend, nor go to anie place of rest, but shall come to thee N. and be verie well pleased to remaine with thee N. all the daies of thy life, and so to be bound to thee N. and to appeare to thee N. in anie christall stone, glasse, or other mirror, and so to take it for my resting place. And that, so soone as my spirit is departed out of my bodie, streightwaie to be at your commandements, and that in and at all daies, nights, houres, and minutes, to be obedient unto thee N. being called of thee by the vertue of our Lord Jesu Christ, & out of hand to have common talke with thee at all times, and in all houres & minuts, to open and declare to thee N. the truth of all things present, past, and to come, and how to worke the magike art, and all other noble sciences, under the throne of God. If I doo not performe this oth and promise to thee N. but doo flie from anie part thereof then to be condemned for ever and ever....

Healing Ritual With Coloured Glass

This preparation is important, although, as I have previously said, many of the words and actions in the best rituals remain spontaneous within the basic framework. You do not even need to belong to a coven to create beautiful rituals. Indeed, practising alone, you will find that as you increase in confidence, the natural rhythm of the ritual cycle will amplify your own innate powers and you will feel angelic or devic forces joining with you as you walk around the circle and hear their voices mingling with your chants.

The Emergence Of The Enemy

Christianity, in common with a multitude of new religions, or old religions with new faces, emerged in the ferment of emotional excitement which had involved all the world's peoples in the years immediately preceding the Christian Era. That there was an unusual celestial phenomenon to catch men's attention and to inspire them with disturbing thoughts is not denied many maintain that the Star which brought the Wise Men to Jerusalem was a nova - it is accurately dated in Chinese records and, if this sudden brightness in the sky was indeed a nova, then its magnitude must have been of a literally shocking kind.

Addresses To The Four Comapnies Of The Gods

RUBRIC These words shall be said when Ra appeareth over figures of these gods written in colour upon a tablet, and thou shalt place offerings of tchefau food before them, cakes, ale, flesh, geese, and incense. They shall cause the deceased to enjoy the offerings which come forth at the word of command before Ra and they shall give the deceased an abundance of food in Khert-Neter, and shall deliver him from every evil thing whatsoever. And thou shalt not recite this Book of Un-Nefer in the presence of anyone except thine own self. If this be done for the deceased Ra shall be a rudder for him, and shall be to him a strong protecting power, and he shall destroy all his enemies for him in Khert-Neter, and in heaven, and upon earth, and in every place whereinsoever he may enter, and he shall enjoy celestial food regularly and continually for ever. the recital except the king and the Kherheb priest, but the servant who cometh to minister outside shall not see it. Of the Khu for whom this...

Astrological Origins Of Christianity

Whether fable or fact, astrology's influence on the origins of most religions, including Christianity, is indisputable. In his Book On The Universe Albert the Great writes The sign of the celestial virgin rises above the horizon, at the moment we find fixed for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. And Dr. Hales in his Chronology says the star of our salvation, the true Apollo, the sun of righteousness (describing Christ.)

An Elemental Cleansing Meditation

The Sun falls on your skin, warming you, and its warmth is absorbed, slowly, sinking warms your skin, your blood, your seeks out worry, pain, and stress, and burns them gently away like the morning dew.the heat of the Sun, the celestial Fire, burns away everything that can hurt you, leaving only warmth and comfort in its wake.breathe in, and out, letting the Sun move through you.

The Texts In The Funeral Chamber

I act as the guide of the celestial beings. I make to flourish terrestrial beings. There is joy of heart for the Bull, and for the celestial beings, and for the Company of the Gods. I am the god, the Bull, the Lord of the gods, who maketh his way over the turquoise. O wheat and barley of the nome of the god, I have come into thee. I have come forward. I have lifted you up, following the best offerings of the Company of the Gods. I have moored my boat to the tying-up post in the lakes of the celestial beings. I have pulled up the typing-up post. I have recited words, and

Questions to Consider

Astronomy The belief that a connection exists between the stars and other celestial bodies (the macrocosm) and humans (the microcosm). The stars, it was believed, influenced the life of individuals, and certain amulets, stones related to one's astrological sign and other such objects, provided protection against the fatal influence of celestial bodies.

Christmas Pagan Holiday

Christmas Pagan

Jesus Christ was deified by Constantine in the year 325 A.D. December 25th, Christmas, was propagated and propagandized as the day of his birth and Christians accepted this on faith though their top chronologists could find no evidence to support this. This date was celebrated in the temple of Jerusalem to the god Adonis. One writer has said At the first moment after midnight of the twenty fourth of December, the ancient nations celebrated the accouchement of the queen of heaven and celestial virgin, and the birth of the God, Sol, The Infant Savior, and the God of Day. In Egypt and Syria the celebrants went into temples and the night before December 25th and at the stroke of midnight rushed out yelling The Virgin has brought forth The light is waxing Since most of the ancient Gods were said to be born of a virgin, many historians believe that this may relate to the zodiacal sign Virgo.

Englands Old Religions

If Protestantism emerged as the new people's religion, full of hope for the future, it did so partly by casting Catholicism as the old-fashioned religion, full of superstition and administered by a priesthood that not only performed sacramental magic, but also practised angelic or demonic magic (Waite, 2003 229). Indeed, to one anonymous reformer writing in 1556,

Satanism And The Occult

Know little or nothing of satanism or Crowley's ideas. The number 666 is displayed as a symbol by rock groups and is written on walls by young rebels, while the emblem of the Baphomet, which was designed by the nineteenth-century magician Eliphas Levi and popularized by Crowiey, is widely used and recognized. Members of satamst churches claim to follow Crowleyian precepts. These come from his Book of Laws which he claimed was dictated to him by his Holy Guardian Angel. The three that have most currency today are

Daath The Mind the Abyss Knowledge Is It A Sphere or A Pathway

Kabbala Correspondences

The reason for my question regarding is Daath a sphere or a pathway will become clear to you soon I hope. According to my studies so far Daath has no deity name, no angelic host or any element attributed to it so I have removed these from my list. The Magical Image and Briatic Correspondence I have left in place for everyone else to mull over. As I have said these are my own opinions of correspondences, I have found few definite ones so I am forced to come up with my own. Feel free to add your own I will explain my reasoning for each correspondence after the list as I try to explain the paradox which is Daath. As a fore thought I will add here that this being such a paradox, don't worry over much about understanding it. We can't, but it helps if we have a vision of what this sphere can be so that we understand the transition from Binah to Chesed better. Magical Image A mighty crowned and throned king. Name of Power El (God) Archangel Tzadkiel. Angels Chasmalim, the...

Cunningham John See John Fian

Many cunning men and women were described as odd people, with strange or unusual appearances, or living alone or in semi-seclusion, who could do a thing or two. Their animals were regarded as their FAMILIAR servants, or, when public opinion was charitable, as their good angels.

This is the waie to go invisible by these three sisters of fairies

+ Sorthie + Sorthia + Sorthios + Milia + Achilia + Sibylia + in nomine patris, & filii, & spiritus sancti, Amen. I conjure you three sisters of fairies, Milia, Achilia, Sibylia, by the father, by the sonne, and by the Holie-ghost, and by their vertues and powers, and by the most mercifull and living God, that will command his angell to blowe the trumpe at the daie of judgement and he shall saie, Come, come, come to judgement and by all angels, archangels, thrones, dominations, principats, potestates, virtutes, cherubim and seraphim, and by their vertues and powers. I conjure you three sisters, by the vertue of all the riall words aforesaid I charge you that you doo appeare before me visiblie, in forme and shape of faire women, in white vestures, and to bring with you to me, the ring of invisibilitie, by the which I may go invisible at mine owne will and pleasure, and that in all houres, and minuts in nomine patris, & filii, & spiritus sancti, Amen.

All magicall arts confuted by an argument concerning Nero what Cornelius Agrippa and Carolus Gallus have left written

Least Nero should espie the cousening devises thereof. Which when Nero conceived, and sawe the same, and all the residue of that art to be vaine, lieng and ridiculous, having onelie shadowes of truth, and that their arts were onelie veneficall he prohibited the same utterlie, and made good and strong lawes against the use and the practisers thereof as Plinie and others doo report. It is marvell that anie man can be so much abused, as to suppose that sathan may be commanded, compelled, or tied by the power of man as though the divell would yeeld to man, beyond nature that will not yeeid to God his creator, according to the rules of nature. And in so much as there be (as they confesse) good angels as well as bad I would know whie they call up the angels of hell, and not call downe the angels of heaven. But this they answer (as Agrippa saith de vanitat. scient. .) Good angels (forsooth) doo hardlie appeare, and the other are readie at hand. Here I may not omit to tell you how Cor....

How to Make Your Magic Circle

In Cabalistic magic the circle will usually consist of basically a double or triple concentric circle. In between the lines will be written Hebrew names, divine and angelic, which pertain to the nature of the operation. In the centre may often be traced geometrical figures, such as a square or a pentagram whose sides or number of points again correspond numerologically with the type of spell being cast.

Clearing And Releasing

The Higher Self is rather like what some people call a Guardian Angel, except that instead of being outside of you it's a part of you -a higher, better part with a clearer viewpoint. Every year on their birthday each member of the family would receive these same offerings to their Genius-Juno from the whole house. This, more than the mere marking of age, is what made the celebration of birthdays so important. It was the time to acknowledge the persons highest, best self and encourage their relationship with it.

The Hierarchies and Functions of Demons

Collin Plancy

Asmodeus has his roots in ancient Persia. He is identified with the demon Aeshma, one of the seven archangels of Persian mythology. The Hebrews absorbed him into their mythology, where he attained the highest status and most power of all demons in Hebrew legends. According

Elemental Magic Of The Juniper Tree Juniperis comunis L

The Magician will collect some branches and berries from the Juniper tree, which he will place within a container or pot with water to boil. He will drink a glass of that beverage when the ritual of angelic invocation begins. He will also place a censer over the altar of his sanctuary, in which he will put branches and berries of the Juniper tree. He can also add branches of Yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) for the decoction that he has to drink, as well as for the smoke offering in the temple. Yet, if he does not find the Yarrow branches, only the Juniper tree will be enough for the rite.

The Four Quarters Of The Circle

Every magical circle is divided into four quarters that are in ceremonial magick called the Watchtowers. The higher essences who protect the quarters are invoked as the Guardians, who control and direct the elemental powers. Sometimes they are called Kings, sometimes Devas, or they may be pictured as the four main archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. How you perceive your guardians in the ritual circle is up to you. As with all magick, there are disagreements about which archangel represents each element. This is because angels are found in a number of different traditions and religions and so may serve different functions under similar names. I have also seen Michael listed as archangel of the dawn and East, but I think he is better placed as archangel of the Sun in the South. If you feel uncertain, simply refer to each guardian as Archangel of the North', etc., then the celestial being can reveal itself in the form that is right for you. The angelic colours I have given...

Witchcraft What Its Really Like

The shape of witchcraft, in history and in legend, has been as varied as the imagination of the witch or personality involved dared. Little in common can be seen between Snow White's beautiful but wicked stepmother with her Mirror, mirror, on the wall and Joan of Arc with her dedication to a cause, unrelenting drive, thirst for adventure and celestial voices. And certainly these two women would never have felt a rapport with mythology's Medea, the sorceress who, when scorned by Jason, gifted his new and very much younger love with a gown of magical cloth that burned as fire.

Men Of Renown Rosicrucian

Which brings me to the crux of the matter. According to ancient magical legend, Azael was originally one of those beings of primordial fire, first created dwellers in the high heaven, referred to by the Christian church as messengers, or angels, by the Greeks as daemons. Azael and his followers, according to old lore, in defiance of their masters, elected to descend upon the earth countless eons ago, for the purpose of educating and civilizing primitive man as he then existed. Whether it was part of their original plan or merely a side issue, these angelic beings, Sons of God or Watchers of the Heavens, as they were entitled, elected to mate with womankind. The Book of Genesis briefly records the legend thus We again find traces of this lore in the Norse legend of the giants' revolt, and similarly in Greek mythology concerning the gods' dealings with the rebellious Titans. It is a persistent theme. The Zohar intimates, however, that though most of the giants yielded up their lives in...

A bond to bind him to thee and to thy N as followeth

I conjure and constreine the spirit of N. by the bloud of the innocent lambe Jesus Christ, the which was shed upon the crosse, for all those that doo obeie unto it, and beleeve in it, shall be saved and by the vertue thereof, and by all the aforesaid riall names and words of the living God by mee pronounced, I doo conjure and constreine the spirit of N. that thou be obedient unto me, according to thine oth and promise. If thou doo refuse to doo as is aforesaid, I N. by the holie trinitie, and by his vertue and power doo comdemne the spirit of N. into the place whereas there is no hope of remedie, but everlasting condemnation, and horror, and paine upon paine, dailie, horriblie, & lamentablie the paines there to be augmented, so thicke as the stars in the firmament, and as the gravell sand in the sea except thou spirit of N. obeie me N. as is afore rehearsed else I N. doo condemne the spirit of N. into the pit of everlasting condemnation Fiat, fiat, Amen. Also I conjure thee, and...

Address To The Gods Of The Tuat

I am he who cometh forth advancing, whose name is unknown. I am Yesterday. Seer of Millions of Years is my name. I pass along, I pass along the paths of the divine celestial judges. I am the Lord of Eternity I decree and I judge like Khepera. I am the Lord of the Urrt Crown. I am he who dwelleth in the Utchat and in the Egg, and it is granted unto me to live therein. I am he who dwelleth in the Utchat when it closeth, and I exist by the strength thereof. I come

The Chapter Of The New Moon

ANOTHER CHAPTER WHICH IS TO BE RECITED WHEN THE MOON RENEWETH ITSELF ON THE DAY OF THE MONTH WHEREON IT DOETH THIS . Osiris unfettereth the storm-cloud in the body of heaven, and is unfettered himself Horus is made strong happily each day. He whose transformations are many hath had offerings made unto him at the moment, and he hath made an end of the storm which is in the face of the Osiris, Auf-ankh, whose word is truth. Verily, he cometh, and he is Ra in journeying, and he is the four celestial gods in the heavens above. The Osiris Auf-ankh, whose word is truth, cometh forth in his day, and he embarketh among the tackle of the boat.

The Substances Of Magick

If you make your own candles or incense for your rituals, you can endow energies by chanting the purpose for which they are being made. Some practitioners prepare their ritual substances the day or the evening before the ceremony, at the right planetary or angelic hour for its purpose. But you do not need to do this - the days of apprentices and long hours devoted to a single ritual are gone and even the most complex ceremony need take no more than an hour, many much less.

Reaching Gods And Goddesses In Trance

They communicate with people by psychic 'chanelling' and rule over the beings associated with the four elements, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. In less formal practices, either archangels or pillars of light may be visualised in the corners of the room to offer protection at a time when a person is opening then-psyche to the cosmos, to keep out all negativity, earthly or otherwise. But the greatest protection is a pure heart and pure intent, much harder to attain than learning any complex ritual.

Mabon The Autumn Equinox

This is the time of the second harvest of vegetables, fruit and remaining crops, the harvest home that pre-dates Christianity. On the day when equal night and day heralded winter, the feast formed a sympathetic magical gesture to ensure that there would be enough food during the winter, by displaying and then eating in celebration the finest fruits of the harvest. Druids traditionally climb to the top of a hill to take leave of the summer Sun as the nights will get longer. Michaelmas, the day of St Michael, the Archangel of the Sun, is celebrated on 29 September. St Michael was patron saint of high places and replaced the pagan Sun deities in Christianity.

Texts Relating To The Weighing Of The Heart Of

Mehurt is the great Celestial Water, but others say that Mehurt is the image of the Eye of Ra at dawn at his birth daily. Others, however, say that Mehurt is the utchat of Ra. Now Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, is a very great one among the gods who are in the following of Horus they say that he is the prince who loveth his lord.

And this is the Signature ofHUMWAWA

And is HUMWAWA appears to the priest, will not the dread PAZUZU also be there Lord of all fevers and plagues, grinning Dark Angel of the Four Wings, horned, with rotting genitalia, from which he howl in pain through sharpened teeth over the lands of the cities sacred to the APHKHALLU even in the height of the Sun as in the height of the Moon even with whirling sand and wind, as with empty stillness, and it is the able magician indeed who can remove PAZUZU once he has laid hold of a man, for PAZUZU lays hold unto death.

How to enclose a spirit in a christall stone

Pazuzu Algarad Teeth Sharpened

O Sitrael, Malantha, Thamaor, Falaur, and Sitrami, written in these circles, appointed to this worke, I doo conjure and I doo exorcise you, by the father, by the sonne, and by the Holy-ghost, by him which did cast you out of paradise, and by him which spake the word and it was done, and by him which shall come to judge the quicke and the dead, and the world by fier, that all you five infernall maisters and princes doo come unto me, to accomplish and to fulfill all my desire and request, which I shall command you. Also I conjure you divels, and command you, I bid you, and appoint you, by the Lord Jesus Christ, the sonne of the most highest God, and by the blessed and glorious virgine Marie, and by all the saints, both of men and women of God, and by all the angels, archangels, patriarches, and prophets, apostles, evangelists, martyrs, and confessors, virgins, and widowes, and all the elect of God. Also I conjure you, and everie of you, ye infernall kings, by heaven, by the starres, by...

The forme of adjuring or citing of the spirits aforesaid to arise and appeare

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ the + father + and the sonne + and the Hollie-ghost + holie trinitie and unseparable unitie, I call upon thee, that thou maiest be my salvation and defense, and the protection of my bodie and soule, and of all my goods through the vertue of thy holie crosse, and through the vertue of thy passion, I beseech thee O Lord Jesus Christ, by the merits of thy blessed mother S. Marie, and of all thy saints, that thou give me grace and divine power over all the wicked spirits, so as which of them soever I doo call by name, they may come by and by from everie coast, and accomplish my will, that they neither be hurtfull or fearefull unto me, but rather obedient and diligent about me. And through thy vertue streightlie commanding them, let them fulfill my commandements, Amen. Holie, holie, Lord God of sabboth, which wilt come to judge the quicke and the dead, thou which art A and Omega, first and last, King of kings and Lord of lords, Ioth, Aglanabrath, El,...

To bind the spirit Bealphares and to lose him againe

F I conjure thee Bealphares, by God the father, by God the sonne, and by God the Holie-ghost, and by all the holie companie in heaven and by their vertues and powers I charge thee Bealphares, that thou shalt not depart out of my sight, nor yet to alter thy bodilie shape, that thou art appeared in, nor anie power shalt thou have of our bodies or soules, earthiie or ghostlie, but to be obedient to me, and to the words of my conjuration, that be written in this booke. I conjure thee Bealphares, by all angels and archangels, thrones, dominations, principats, potestats, virtutes, cherubim and seraphim, and by their vertues and powers. I conjure and charge, bind and constreine thee Bealphares, by all the riall words aforesaid, and by their vertues, that thou be obedient unto me, and to come and appeare visiblie unto me, and that in all daies, houres, and minuts, whersoever I be, being called by the vertue of our Lord Jesu Christ, the which words are written in this booke. Looke readie thou...

The Wheel Of The Year

Witchcraft Magazine

It is interesting to note that the Wheel of the Year is mirrored almost exactly in the Medicine Wheel, or Circle of Power, that is central to all the magick of the Native American Indians. The spokes of the Medicine Wheel link the celestial, human and natural cycles. The Medicine Wheel was made of stones and could be created wherever a tribe camped. Some were 90 feet in diameter, but research suggests that some were much smaller and were placed around ceremonial tepees to be used not only by the shaman but also by anyone seeking a spiritual path. Depicted around the wheels are totem, or power, animals, representing each birth month and season, the four main directions and winds. The totems vary according to each tribe's mythology. There are more than 500 different systems in North America alone.

What Are Spells

It is a serious mistake to regard informal spells as inferior to the kind of magick in which the appropriate planetary hour is carefully chosen, incense is burned, the tools laid out in the correct position and the names of all the archangels recited without a mistake. Both have a place and even if there were an actual deity watching the minutiae of the ritual, he or she would be less interested in whether a correct elemental pentagram was drawn than if the intent and the heart were pure and the need was genuine.

AH Atvcftwetn oewwry

Dagger upon the air, and then reversed at che close of the ceremony to banish them. To purify the magician as well as the working space, he produced another known as die 'Qabbalisuc' (i.e. Cabbalistic) Cross, m which the body was blessed using Hebrew forms, and the four Hebrew names of divinity invoked at the four quarters, followed by the names of the four archangels. The latter were for some purposes identified with the Lords of the Watcntowers, the mighty angels who guarded the quarters of the world m John Dee's Elizabethan system of Enochian magic (Regardie, 1937-40 Torrens, 1973).


THERE is yet another art professed by these consening conjurors, which some fond divines affirme to be more honest and lawfull than necromancie, which is called Theurgie wherein they worke by good angels. Howbeit, their ceremonies are altogether papisticall and superstitious, consisting in cleanlines partlie of the mind, partlie of the bodie, and partlie of things about and belonging to the bodie as in the skinne, in the apparell, in the house, in the vessell and houshold stuffe, in oblations and sacrifices the cleanlines whereof they saie, dooth dispose men to the contemplation of heavenlie things. They cite these words of Esaie for their authoritie to wit Wash your selves and be cleane, &c. In so much as I have knowne diverse superstitious persons of good account, which usuallie washed all their apparell upon conceits ridiculouslie. For uncleanlinesse (they say) corrupteth the aire, infecteth man, and chaseth awaie deane spirits. Hereunto belongeth the art of Almadel, the art of...

The Element of Earth

Auriel is the Archangel for the element of Earth. He brings the awareness of the gods as manifested in the beauty of creation, so that as we behold the wonders of nature, we are driven to consider the even greater splendor of the forces that created it. This Archangel operates at levels beyond that ARCHANGEL

Chapter Four

He had visited a black magician who, for a goodly sum of money, had given him a spell from an old grimoire. The spell was along these lines 'Obtain a hare and skin it. Dry the skin in the sun for three days then cut a nine inch square from it. Write the girl's name on this square and then the sign of the dark angel. Under this, in black paint, write - You (girl's name), I command, go to (boy's name). This I command in the name of the lord of darkness. Bury the skin in a place where the girl will walk over it daily.'

Secret Societies

One of the founders of the Golden Dawn, Samuel Mathers, was more interested in the practical applications of Kabballistic and hermetic magic, and produced definitive translations of old magical texts such as the Book of Abramelin and the Key of Solomon. He created the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, which is still in use today, and assigned the four Elements to specific compass directions based on the Tetragrammaton in order to call angelic guardians for Golden Dawn ceremonies. Mathers also began to incorporate imagery of Pan and the Great Goddess, which was becoming popular at the time, to assist in the practitioner's magical progress. Mathers also made another unwitting contribution to the eventual creation of Wicca by introducing a man named Aleister Crowley to the Golden Dawn and to Freemasonry.

Prefatory Notes

The Incantations of the Gates follow, and are probably meant to accompany the preceding chapter, being prayers proper to each of the celestial Gates. The conjuration of the Fire God follows this, and resembles the others in its mixture of Greek and Sumerian phrases. It should be noted here that wherever a Sumerian phrases. It should be noted here that wherever a Sumerian phrase appears in the original MS. we have kept it as it is, untranslated, as we expect the Mad Arab would have wanted it. Quite possibly, even he did not know the exact meaning of much of the conjurations in the Old Tongue, but viewed it as a 'barbarous' tongue' which must be preserved because of its essential Power. Indeed, with the publication of this Book, Sumerian may become as popular among magicians as the strange, angelic language of Enochian, discovered by Dr. Dee in Elizabeth England. After the long and poetic MAGAN text, comes the URILLIA text which might be Lovecraft's R'lyeh Text, and is subtitled...

The Sacred Circle

Most Wiccan temples contain a circle, which defines the sacred working space. When actively consecrated, this physical border becomes a boundary between the human world and the realm of the Mighty Ones. Symbolically, the circle represents celestial Unity, cyclic movement, and completion. The circle is feminine in nature and serves to contain, as does the womb, all life and energy raised within it. The circle is an important feature of most Pagan religions because it can be created anywhere, and provides a symbolic ring of protection where a deity can be invoked.

Medical Clinics

The Intimate in ourselves is our Internal Master, our God, our real Being, our Spirit, our superior Self, our Father who is in secret. The Intimate is an ineffable flame of the great bonfire. He is a fragment of the Absolute in our heart. En accordance with Moses, the Intimate within ourselves is the Ruach Elohim, who was sowing the waters in the beginning of the world. The Intimate is the Monad of Carpocrates, the Daimon of Socrates, the Seity of Tibetans, the Silent Gandarva or Celestial Musician of the Hindus. The Intimate is our Father within ourselves, the Soul is the Son and the Holy Spirit is the sexual fbrce, which is named Kundalini and is symbolized by the snake.

The Solar Litany

Thy KA riseth up with the celestial food hu and tchefau. O thou mightily victorious one, thou Power of Powers, who makest strong thy throne against the sinful ones, whose risings on thy throne in the Sektet Boat are mighty, whose strength is widespread in the Atett Boat, make thou the Osiris Ani to be glorious by virtue of his word, which is truth, in Khert-Neter. Grant thou that he may be in Amentet free from evil, and let his offences be set behind thee. Grant thou that he may live there a devoted slave of the Spirit-souls. Let him mingle among the Heart-souls who live in Ta-tchesert (the Holy Land). Let him travel about in the Sekhet-Aaru (the Elysian Fields), conformably to thy decree with joy of heart-


Kabbalah Tree Death

Archangel Sandolphon Angels Kerubim, the Strong. Planetary Attribution Earth, the planet. Virtue Discrimination. Vice Inertia. Titles The Gate, Kallah, The Bride, The Gate of Death, The Inferior Mother, The Gate of Justice, Malkah, The Queen, The Gate of Tears. Spiritual Experience Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel. Deity Colour Yellow Archangel Colour Ochre, Russet, Olive, Black. Angel Colour Ochre, Russet, Olive, Black flecked with gold. Planetary Colour Black, rayed with yellow. Symbols Alter of the Double Cube, The Triangle of Art, The equal-armed cross, The Those who begin a spiritual path often feel that if they have the correct tools and the correct books, and the correct robes will make it work out right for them. Much energy is often invested into collecting these things and this can make it easy to ignore the fact that you aren't actually going anywhere with anything at this point. I can't work magic I have no candles this is a common enough excuse. What we must...

The Abominations

The Lord of Abominations is HUMWAWA of the South Winds, whose face is a mass of the entrails of the animals and men. His breath is the stench of dung, and has been. HUMWAWA is the Dark Angel of all that is excreted, and of all that sours. And as all things come to the time when they will decay, so also HUMWAWA is the Lord of the Future of all that goes upon the earth, and any man's future years may be seen by gazing into the very face of this Angel, taking care not to breathe the horrid perfume that is the odour of death


You can calculate a week or even a month ahead if there is a period in which you intend to do a lot of magical work. In this way you can maximise the energies of specific hours and choose a good time for anything from asking for a rise at work to sorting out the budget with a reluctant partner. Enter the planetary and angelic hours in your diary or the appropriate section in your Book of Shadows. These calculations can also keep bored children amused on rainy afternoons - just tell them stories about the angels and planets first. Children also adapt quickly to angelic time - after all, it's far more fun if you change sad old bedtime into St Michael's hour and have a bedtime story by the light of his golden candle. Angelic Correspondences You can, if you wish, use angelic rulers instead of planetary ones for the magical hours, or combine the energies of both. In practice, if your magick has a spiritual focus or is concerned with healing or global or ecological matters, angels work...

The Book Of Entrance

THIS is the Book of Entrance to the Seven Zones above the Earth, which Zones were known to the Chaldeans, and to the ancient races that preceded them among the lost temples of UR. Know that these Zones are governed by the celestial spirits, and that passage may be had by the Priest through those lands that border on the Unzoned Wastes beyond. Know that, when Walking thus through the Sea of Spheres, he should leave his Watcher behind that It may guard his body and his property, lest he be slain unawares and must wander throughout eternity among the dark spaces between Stars, or else be devoured by the wrathful IGIGI that dwell beyond.


Malkuth Pantacle

Briah (Hebrew for giving shape) - the World of Creation, Archangel Force, the Tarot suit of Water. The Queens of the Tarot. Yetzirah (Hebrew for forming) - the World of Formation, Angelic Force, the Tarot Imagine if you will the four worlds as a conversation between the Deity Force, the Archangel Force, the Angelic Force and the Planetary Force. The Deity Force says There should be a way to create a computer. The Archangel Force says The best way to do that would be to have different bits that handle different jobs just like a body. The Angelic Force would produce the design for a computer. The Planetary

Untying A Knot Spell

Magnus Sorcerer

Legend has it that the prophet Muhammad was bewitched by an evil man and his daughters, who tied 11 knots in a cord which they hid in a well. The spell made Muhammad ill, and he wasted away nearly to the point of death. To save him, God intervened and sent the archangel Gabriel to reveal where the cord was hidden and how to break the spell. When the cord was brought to him, Muhammad recited 11 verses from the Koran. As he spoke each line, a knot loosened itself. When all the knots were undone, the spell was broken. In Sura CXIII in the Koran, Muhammad calls magicians' work the evil of women who are blowers on knots.


Raphael is the archangel of the planet Mercury. Raphael's day is Wednesday. Sachiel is the archangel of the planet Jupiter. Sachiel's day is Thursday. Anael is the archangel who rules over Venus. Anael's day is Friday. Anael, the Regenerator, is one of the seven angels of creation he is Prince of Archangels and controls kings and kingdoms. His is pure, altruistic love, love of one's fellow beings and of all creatures in the universe. He can be invoked for all matters of forgiveness, both towards ourselves for what is past and towards others that we may be free from their thrall.

Chapter Ritual Tools

Images Of The Goddess Abd God Aphrodite standing on a seashell rising from the sea. Diana (in alabaster) with Her bow and hounds. A celestial Goddess with a crescent Moon upon her brow, hands spread, hair flowing around her head. A reproduction of one of the famous Venus statuettes of prehistoric cave-dwelling times.


Archangel of the Sun and Light, Michael is the warrior angel. He appeared to Moses as the fire in the burning bush and saved Daniel from the lions' den. As commander of the heavenly hosts, Michael, with his flaming sword, drove Satan and his fallen angels out of the celestial realms as Angel of Judgement, he also carries a scale for weighing the souls of the dead. According to the Koran, the cherubim were created from Michael's tears. Archangel of the Moon, the messenger archangel and the heavenly awakener, Gabriel appears many times in the Bible. He visited the Virgin Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, to tell them that they were to bear sons who would lead mankind to salvation. It was Gabriel who parted the waters of the Red Sea so that the Hebrews could escape from the Pharaoh's soldiers.

Simon Magus

He himself was the supreme God. Luna is elsewhere known as Helena and is said to have been a Phoenician prostitute saved by Simon from a Tyrian brothel. For Simon Helena was his own Thought (Ennoia) she had created the intermediate powers of the angels and archangels, who had in turn created the world but then enviously shut Ennoia herself into her human body. Simon had descended to the earth in order to free Helena and all mankind from the intermediate powers. He too projected himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and as virgin-born (see 14). He evidently adapted the gospel to suit himself. Christian writers repeatedly identify the performance of miracles and free love as characteristic of his priests. Christian heresiologists came to regard Simon as the founder of the heresy of gnosticism. The battle between Peter and Simon culminated in a contest of powers before Nero. Peter won this when he broke Simon's flying spell and sent him crashing to...

Burning times

Under the Moon (1991) The Goddess in the Office A Personal Energy Guide for the Spiritual Warrior at Work (1993) The Goddess in the Bedroom A Passionate Woman's Guide to Celebrating Sexuality Every Night of the Week (1995) The Grandmother of Time A Woman's Book of Celebrations, Spells, and Sacred Objects for Every Month of the Year (1989) Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life Discover the Hidden Meaning of Your Life (2003) and Summoning the Fates A Guide to Destiny and Transformation (2nd ed. 2007). Her novel Rasta Dogs was self-published in 2003.

Planets and Angels

Different days of the week and hours of the day and night are associated with specific energies and each particular time is ruled by a planet and an archangel. Though these were primarily centred on ceremonial magick, they can also be used to give focus and potency to informal spells. The planetary and angelic hours can also be applied to the everyday sphere, for example by choosing the appropriate day and even hour for beginning a money-making scheme or a first meeting with a potential business partner or lover. You can further amplify the salient qualities and strengths of these times by using oils, incenses, coloured candles and crystals linked with the specific planets and angels. There are also strong connections between the planet and angel of the day, though angelic magick tends to be used, not surprisingly, for rituals with a more spiritual and ecological or global focus. As you discover particular combinations that work well, you can add them to your Book of Shadows.

Casting A Circle

If you are working in a group, or if this is a circle for a more formal ritual, you may wish to add god goddess-power forms as an interspersed chant, with the voices of the group ebbing and rising in waves. You may wish to welcome the Archangels, or Guardians of the Four Watchtowers at the four compass points as you cast your circle. (The Archangels represent the celestial beings that feature in the cosmologies of the three main religions of the Western world -Christianity, Judaism and Islam. For more information, see pages 200 and 236). Alternatively, you may wish to call upon powerful goddess forms

The Kundalini

The opening of the orifice of this canal of Shushumna is performed under the direction of an angelic atom, which is situated in the semen. This fine thread through which the Kundalini ascends is very delicate. If the Gnostic Medic does not withdraw himself before the orgasm, if he indeed arrives at the spilling of the semen, then this thread is ripped. It becomes a burned fuse or burned wire and the Kundalini descends one or more cannons (vertebrae) in accordance with the magnitude of the fault.

Hymn To Osiris

The god of the Celestial Ocean (Nu) draweth from thee his waters. Thou sendest forth the north wind at eventide, and breath from thy nostrils to the satisfaction of thy heart. Thy heart reneweth its youth, thou producest the The stars in the celestial heights are obedient unto thee, and the great doors of the sky open themselves the two seasons of the day. May Ra give glory, and power, and thruth-speaking, and the appearance as a living soul so that he may gaze upon Heru-khuti, to the KA of the Osiris the Scribe Ani, who speaketh truth before Osiris, and who saith Hail, O all ye gods of the House of the Soul, who weigh heaven and earth in a balance, and who give celestial food to the dead . Hail, Tatun, who art One, thou creator of mortals and of the Companies of the Gods of the South and of the North, of the West and of the East, ascribe ye praise to Ra, the lord of heaven, the KING, Life, Strength, and Health, the maker of the gods. Give ye thanks unto him in his beneficent...

The Element of Fire

The following items are all associated with the element of Fire. Use them collectively or separately to help create the proper magickal atmosphere for working with the element of Fire. For example meditating on the Archangel Michael and then placing a red candle next to his picture will help one gain personal energy and power. ARCHANGEL The Archangel Michael, the supreme commander of the Armies of Light, spiritually brings us Fire. This illuminating agent of Divine Light, whose name means Perfect of God, is the guardian of the southern quadrant. He is visualized as a Roman soldier, dressed in red and gold and ready to do battle against evil.

The Element of Water

ARCHANGEL Gabriel is the Archangel of the West, and the spiritual aspect of Water. He is destined to sound the last trumpet. Gabriel, like Water, symbolizes fertility in all its forms. His role is that of an initiator, and he is pictured holding the Grail as he emerges from the sea of immortality in the West.

Ceremonial Magic

The ritual structures, terminology, and goals of ceremonial magic are usually-but not always-centered upon union with the divine, with perfection, and the expansion of consciousness. Or, as it is commonly described, knowledge of and conversation with the magician's holy guardian angel.

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