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The Green Book (volume 1) never quite made it to being officially published. By 1976, all but a few of the exemptions from copyrights were acquired. However, the task became too difficult and other concerns occupied the attention of the Sheltons. As a result, the legality of publishing this collection is rather dubious and it probably will remain as an underground publication. For no particular reason, I have kept their selections in the order that they were presented to me (including a rebellious selection from the Old Testament that is mischievously hiding in the Buddhist section of The Green Book). I have neither deleted nor added any new selections to the first volume, but you may feel free to add new selections or take out selections (especially the ones from the "Ancient Druids"), if you wish.

As stated before, The Green Book, was near to the heart of Druid-ism until the early 80s when Carleton Druidism lapsed. When it revived in the mid-80s, Carleton students had taken a greater interest in Neo-Paganism, Wiccan and Native American beliefs; areas rarely explored before that time. As a result, The Green Book has not received much attention since due to its Monotheistic and Asian foci. However for me, the Green Book is a powerful reminder of the breadth of sources that Reformed Druidism can and should draw upon during the searches for religious truth.

I have been especially encouraged to follow David's request that the Arch-Druid should collect and distribute meditations conducive to Druidism (a vague and daunting task!). I have, as of 1994, pub-227 lished two other volumes of meditation; which are just as dubious legally as the original Green Book. However, my Green Books have failed to garner as much enthusiasm as the first Green Book. Perhaps it is a far more difficult task than I understood when I first began to publish them?

Feel free, yourself, at the potential risk of breaking the copyright laws, to make copies of The Green Book s for your friends. Happy reading.

Michael Scharding Publisher, 1995

Another Fine Product of the Drynemton Press

Publishing History

1st Printing—1966 c.e.

2nd Printing—60s & Early 70s

3rd Printing—1976 c.e.

4th Printing—Seventies and Eighties

5th Printing—1993 c.e.

6th Printing—1996 c.e. in ARDA

Note: No particular statement, dogmatic point or doctrine expressed in these collected works should be construed as being the beliefs of one particular Druid or of all Reformed Druids. They are exercises and words to be thought upon and not necessarily agreed with.

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