Living Alone

A monk came to Yun-chu and asked, "How can I live alone at the top of the mountain?" FOGAI: You are lost in a cloud.

Yun-chu answered, "Why do you give up your Zen-do in the valley and climb the mountain?" FOGAI: This is not the way to handle ghosts. NYOGEN: American friends often ask me how to find the "quiet 270 place to meditate." My usual answer is, "Can you not find a quiet spot in your home?" No matter how busy one's daily life is, he can find certain minutes in which to meditate and a certain place to sit quietly. Merely pining for a quiet place away from his own home is entirely wrong. This monk could not harmonize himself with other monks in the Zen-do and wished to live alone on a mountain peak. Even though Yun-chu cornered the monk with the question, no wonder Fogai thought Yun-chu too luke warm in his method. If I were Yun-chu, I would demand that the monk tell me where he is at this moment. If he hesitated, I would push him out of the room immediately.

GENRO: If I were Yun-chu, I would say to the monk, "If you do not neglect your own Zen-do, I will allow you to stay on the mountain peak. But how can you stay on the mountain without neglecting your own Zen-do?"

FOGAI: Destroy that Zen-do and that mountain! NYOGEN: Fogai is like an anarchist. I do not wish to associate with this radical monk. Genro's first remark is splendid. Why did he add the last? Look at my associates!

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