Riches And Honor Acquired By Unrighteous Means Are To Me As Drifting

Confucius was gentle yet firm, dignified but not harsh, respectful yet well at ease. (VII:37)

When Confucius was pleased with the singing of someone he was with, he would always ask to have the song repeated and would join in himself. (VII:31)

The Duke of She asked Tzu Lu about Confucius, and Tzu Lu gave him no answer. Confucius said: "Why didn't you tell him that I am a person who forgets to eat when he is enthusiastic about something, forgets all his worries in his enjoyment of it, and is not aware that old age is coming on?" (VII:18)

Confucius said: "Having only coarse food to eat, plain water to drink, and a bent arm for a pillow, one can still find happiness therein. Riches and honor acquired by unrighteous means are to me as drifting clouds." (VII:15)

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