What happened next

Hawthorne went on to write The Scarlet Letter, which is the most widely read of his literary works. In 1852 Hawthorne was appointed overseas U.S. consul (official government rep-

lattice: fence catechizing: giving religious instruction fiend: Satan omen: an occurrence believed to predict a future event psalm: (pronounced SALM) a sacred song or poem used in worship anthem: a long song or hymn pulpit: an elevated platform used in preaching or conducting worship service fervid: passionate eloquence: expressiveness blasphemer: one who seems not to care about rules and morals

Young Goodman Brown

resentative) at Liverpool, England, where he served from 1853 to 1857. Upon returning to the United States in 1860, he and his wife settled into their first real home at Concord. After a mysterious illness, and refusing to take medical attention, in 1864 Hawthorne died in his sleep. Before his death he had started writing four new books, none of which was ever completed.

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