Things to remember while reading The Deposition of Thomas Knowlton

• At this time in history it was very difficult for women to own property. It had to be left to them by their husbands when they died, and even then the government often found ways of taking the property away and giving it to some male relative.

Rachel Clinton was said to have been seen flying around the village at night with her familiar.

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• For women of this time, it was often the case that one would be declared incompetent (unable to manage your own life or take care of yourself) or insane for something as simple as speaking boldly in public or disagreeing publicly with your husband.

deposition: a testimony taken under oath that is written down as an official record hellhound: a mythical creature believed to guard the gates of hell whoremasterly rogue:

expression used to describe a person of lose moral character who will do anything for money limb of the devil: expression used to accuse someone of being in partnership with the devil pincers: tweezers

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