Things to remember while reading The Apology of Ann Putnam Jr

• Ann Putnam, Sr. (Ann Putnam, Jr.'s mother) believed in the occult, and convinced Ann at an early age that there was an evil, hidden world of demons, devils, and witches.

Ann Putnam, Jr. had accused many people of practicing witchcraft; eventually some were executed.

Reproduced by permission of Corbis.

• Ann Putnam, Sr. also played a principle part in accusing people of witchcraft.

• Historians have concluded that one of the motivating factors of the trials was the boundary dispute the Putnams had been waging with their neighbors for over fifty years; the trials were thus a convenient way for them to seek revenge on their enemies (see Chapter 4). The Putnams' main rivals were the Towne family, and three Towne sisters—Rebecca Nurse, Elizabeth Procter, and Sarah Cloyce— were all tried and condemned to death. (Nurse was hanged; Procter and Cloyce were not executed.)

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