Primary Sources

Heinrich Kramer and Jakob Sprenger: Excerpts from Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches, 1486)

the book that started the European witch hunts 93

Increase Mather: Excerpt from "Remarkable Providences" (1684)

a document that helped promote witch hysteria in the colonies 99

Cotton Mather and Ezekial Cheever: The Salem Trials: Interrogation of Susannah Martin examination of an outspoken woman who was later executed as a witch 105

Rebecca Nurse: Examination of Rebecca Nurse (1691-92)

testimony of a prominent community member who was later executed as a witch 109

Ann Putnam, Sr.: The Testimony of Ann Putnam, Sr. against Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse (1692)

an example of the typical charges brought against accused witches 115

Thomas Knowlton: Witchcraft 1687: The Deposition of Thomas Knowlton evidence from New England witch trials prior to Salem incident 119

Cotton Mather: Excerpt from The Wonders of the Invisible World (1693)

book used as justification of the

Salem witch trials 125

Samuel Sewall: Excerpts from the diary entries of Samuel Sewall a judge's daily account of the Salem witch trial proceedings 131

Samuel Sewall: Apology of Samuel Sewall (1697)

public apology by a judge for his role in the Salem witch trials 135

Robert Calef: Excerpt from More Wonders of the Invisible World (1700)

published attack on the Salem witch trials, especially Cotton Mather's role 137

Ann Putnam, Jr.: Apology of Ann Putnam, Jr. (1706)

public apology of one of the main accusers in the Salem witch trials 141

Nathaniel Hawthorne: Excerpt from "Young Goodman Brown" (1846)

Nathaniel Hawthorne story about Puritan hypocrisy 145

Carl L. Weschke: Excerpt from "Principles of Wiccan Belief"

an attempt to define modern Wicca, its beliefs and practices 149


Bridget Bishop (1640-1692)

the first accused witch to be hanged as a result of the Salem witch trials 157

Robert Calef (1648-1719)

critic of Cotton Mather and the

Salem witch trials 165

Rachel Clinton (b.1629)

Ipswich, Massachusetts, woman accused of witchcraft prior to the Salem hysteria 171

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-64)

novelist and great-great grandson of

John Hathorne, chief magistrate in the Salem witch trials; wrote classic stories that were critical of the Puritans 179

Cotton Mather (1663-1728)

Puritan minister who promoted the Salem witch trials along with his father, Increase Mather 185

Samuel Parris (1653-1720)

Salem pastor whose family members started the witch trials;

he left Salem in disgrace 193

John Proctor (d.1692)

Salem community member and witch trial critic who was executed (featured as a main character in The Crucible, Arthur

Miller's play about the trials) 203

Ann Putnam, Jr. (1680-1717)

chief accuser of suspected witches, whose life was ruined by her actions; later apologized and died an early death 213

Samuel Sewall (1652-1730)

prominent Salem businessman and witch trial judge; gave a public apology for his role in the executions of 19 people . . . 223

Tituba (dates not known)

West Indian slave in the Parris household and accused leader of the

"Salem witch ring" 229

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