Girls turn on one of their own

On April 11 the group of afflicted girls suddenly turned against Mary Warren, one of their own friends. Warren was the house servant of John and Elizabeth Proctor. On this day, just before Elizabeth Proctor was to appear in court, the girls went into fits in front of a large crowd when Warren approached them. As they fell into their typical fits, Warren also had a particularly violent and bizarre series of seizures. Some of the girls called out that Warren was about to confess to being a witch but that the specters of Corey and Proctor were silencing her. According to The Salem Witch Trials, when Warren emerged from her fits she started to say things like "I will speak, Oh, I am sorry for it, I am sorry for it! Oh Lord help me, oh good Lord save me! I will tell! They did, they did! They brought me to it!" She fell into fits again, never clarifying what she had meant and who had brought her to what actions. Was she consumed with guilt over falsifying evidence against her employers and the rest of the victims? Was she implying that the girls had forced her to lie? Historians have found no explanation for this bizarre episode. Warren was taken to a prison cell, where she continued to experience intense fits. The magistrates prodded her for a confession about the Proctors' guilt. Subjected to extreme duress, she finally implicated herself and John Proctor. Warren then lapsed into such a severe state that her legs could not be uncrossed without breaking them.

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