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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The New-Englanders are a people of God settled in those, which were once the Devil's territories; and it may easily be supposed that the Devil was exceedingly disturbed, when he perceived such a people here accomplishing the promise of old made unto our blessed Jesus, That He should have the utmost parts of the earth for his possession. There was not a greater uproar among Ephesians, when the Gospel was first brought among them, than there was among the powers of the air (after whom those Ephesians walked) when first the silver trumpets of the Gospel here made the joyful sound. The Devil thus irritated immediately tried all sorts of methods to overturn this poor plantation: and so much of the church, as was fled into this wilderness, immediately found the serpent cast out of his mouth a flood for the carrying of it away. I believe that never were more satan-ical devices used for the unsettling of any people under the sun, than what have been employed for the extirpation of the vine which God has here planted, casting out the heathen, and preparing a room before it, and causing it to take deep root, and fill the land, so that it sent its boughs unto the Atlantic Sea eastward, and its branches unto the Connecticut River westward, and the hills were covered with the shadow thereof. But, all those attempts of Hell, have hitherto been abortive, many an Ebeneezer has been erected unto the praise of God, by his poor people here; and having obtained help from God, we continue to this day. Wherefore the Devil is now making one attempt more upon us; an attempt more difficult, more surprising, more

The Wonders of the Invisible World

Jesus: Jesus of Nazareth, founder of Christianity

Ephesians: people of Ephesus, in present-day Turkey, to whom Saint Paul preached

Gospel: the word of the Christian God extirpation: the destruction of heathen: an uncivilized or irreligious person

Ebeneezer: stone set up by Samuel in the Bible to commemorate victory over the Philistines

halcyon: happy incarnate: in bodily form persecute: to cause to suffer because of belief

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