From The Testimony of Ann Putnam Sr

The deposition of Ann Putnam, the wife of Thomas Putnam, aged about 30 years, who testifieth and saith that on the 18th March 1692, I being wearied out in helping to tend my poor afflicted child [Ann jr.] and maid, about the middle of the afternoon I lay me down to bed to take a little rest; and immediately I was almost pressed and choked to death, that, had it not been for the mercy of a gracious God and the help of those that were with me, I could not have lived many moments; and presently I saw the apparition of Martha Corey, who did torture me so as I cannot express, ready to tear me all to pieces, and then departed from me a little while; but before I could recover strength or well take breath, the apparition of Martha Corey fell upon me again with dreadful torture, and hellish temptations to go along with her. And she also brought to me a little red book in her hand and a black pen, urging me vehemently to write in her book; and several times a day she did greviously torture me, almost ready to kill me.

And on the 19th March, Martha Corey again appeared to me; also Rebecca Nurse, the wife of Francis Nurse, Sr.; and they both did torture me a great many times this day with such great tortures as no tongue can express, because I would not yield to their hellish temptations, that, had I not been upheld by an Almighty arm, I could not have lived [the] night. The 20th March being sabbath-day, I had a great deal of respite between my fits. 21st March being the day of the deposition: a testimony that is taken under oath that is written down as an official record wearied: tired afflicted: suffering apparition: spirit vehemently: forcefully greviously: causing severe pain or grief sabbath-day: holy day 117

respite: rest examination: questioning magistrates: officers of the court meetinghouse: a large building for general gatherings and meetings examination of Martha Corey I had not many fits, though I was very weak, my strength being as I thought, almost gone. . . . I was several times in the morning [24 March] afflicted by the apparition of Rebecca Nurse, but most dreadfully tortured by her in the time of her examination, insomuch that the honored magistrates gave my husband leave to carry me to the meetinghouse; and as soon as I was carried out of the meetinghouse doors, it pleased Almighty God, for his free grace and mercy's sake, to deliver me out of the paws of those roaring lions, the jaws of those tearing bears [so] that ever since that time they have not had the power so to afflict me, until this 31st May 1692.

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