From The deposition of Thomas Knowlton

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Hell Really Exists

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The deposition of Thomas Knowlton, aged 40 years, sayeth that about three weeks ago [when] Mr. John Rogers and his wife were gone to Boston .. . Rachel, the wife of Lawrence Clinton, that is now suspected to be a witch, went to Mr. Rogers' house, and told Mr. Rogers' maid that she might have some meat and some milk. And the [maid] said Rachel went into several rooms of the said house... And when she saw me come in, she, the said Rachel, went away, scolding and railing, calling me... "hellhound" and "whoremasterly rogue," and said I was limb of the devil. And she said she had rather see the devil than see me . . . (Samuel Ayers and Thomas Smith, tailor, can testify to the same language that Rachel used or called the said Knowlton.) And after this the said Rachel took up a stone and threw it toward me, and it fell short three or four yards off from me... and so came rolling to me, and just touched the toe of my shoe. And presently my was in a rage, as if the nail were held up by a pair of pincers. . . . And further the said Thomas Knowlton testified and saith that about three months ago my daughter Mary did wake and cried out in a dreadful manner that she was pricked of her side with pins, as she thought. Being asked who pricked her, she said she could not tell. And when she was out of her fits, I . . . asked whether she gave Rachel any pins, she said she gave Rachel about seven. After this she had one more fit of being pricked.

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