From Interrogation of Susannah Martin

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Susannah Martin pleaded Not Guilty to the indictment of witchcraft brought in against her.

The evidence of many persons very sensibly and grievously bewitched was produced

The cast of Martin's eye struck people to the ground, whether they saw that cast or not.

These were among the passages between the Magistrates and the Accused:

MAGISTRATE: "Pray, what ails these people?"

MAGISTRATE: "But what do you think ails them?"

MARTIN: "I don't desire to spend my judgement upon it."

MAGISTRATE: "Don't you think they are bewitched?"

MARTIN: "No, I do not think they are."

MAGISTRATE: "Tellus your thoughts about them then."

MARTIN: "No, my thoughts are my own, when they are in; but when they are out they are another's. Their Master—"

MAGISTRATE: "Their Master? Who do you think is their Master?"

MARTIN: "If they be dealing in the Black Art, then you may know as well as I."

MAGISTRATE: "Well, what have you done towards this?"

MARTIN: "Nothing at all."

MAGISTRATE: "Why, 'tis you or your Appearance."

MARTIN: "I cannot help it."

MAGISTRATE: "Is it not your Master? How comes your Appearance to hurt these?

MARTIN: "How do I know? He that appeared in the shape of Samuel, a glorified Saint, may appear in anyone's shape."

It was noted that in her, as in others like her, that if the afflicted went to approach her, they were flung down to the ground. And, when she was asked the reason of it, she said, "I cannot tell. It may be the Devil bears me more malice than another."

grievously: causing grief bewitched: to have a spell cast over

Magistrates: officials of the court ails: to be ill

Black Art: evil magic, witchcraft

Appearance: the form taken when a witch afflicted: one in great distress malice: harm

Interrogation of Susannah Martin

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