Airompaiyr ft wiili, I, Some Accounts of the GrievóúS Mofeííations, by DAEMONS and WITCHCRAFTS, which have lately annoy'd the Coünírey * and thaTnais of feme eminent MtltfaQm Executed upon occafion thereof: "ffithfevcral Remarkable Cariojtrict therein occurring,

IL Some Counfils, Dire£tírtg a due I improvement: of the ter rible things, lately done, by the Unufual óc Amazinv Range of EVIL SPIRITS, in Our Neighbourhoods the methods to prevent the H' a>ws which thofe Evil Augch may intend againft all forts árpeosle among us -eipccially in Aecuiauons of the Jnnooent

III. Some Conjetures upon the grwtt EVENTS, litly to befall, the WORLD in General, and NEW EN» GLAND in Partidñar: as alio upon the Advances of the TIME, when we {halltec BE ITER DA YES.

TV A fliort Narrative of a late Outrage committed by a knot of WITCHES in very much Reían-

bhng, and fo far Explainrag, lljt Xmder which our parts of America have laboured L V'THE DEVIL DISCOVERED: In a Brief Bftaui&ina thofe TEMPTATION^ which afe the anee Ordinary D&itn oF the Wicked On;:.

Brim Vwkú fry B,ry forris for 2m. HMte

Mather's book, The Wonders of the Invisible World, was charged with encouraging the execution of the accused witches, with or without strong evidence. Reproduced by permission of the Corbis Corporation (Bellevue).

Mather, the natural world glorifies the wisdom of God, who with perfect efficiency made only necessary things. By the end of his life Mather had published more than four hundred books and sermons. Numerous other works remained in manuscript (unpublished) form upon his death.

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