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Aloe Your Miracle Doctor

Fight 80 Disorders From Your Own Kitchen! A Step-by-step Manual For 150 Home And Beauty Remedies Using The Aloe Plant. Learn About The Biogenic Stimulation Method When Making Aloe Juice. You will learn: The history of Aloe's healing abilities and some proven impressive scientific facts How to take good care of your Aloe plant and what the signs of poor care are The amazing chemical composition of Aloe organized in a very-easy-to-read table Aloe Vera uses from A Z An explanation and step-by-step instructions on the biogenic stimulation method 130+ home remedies for 80+ disorders 25+ easy to make homemade beauty remedies, including a recipe for an anti wrinkle facial moisturizer 'Cleopatra' The best Free aloe resources. Aloe vera gel used externally helps with acne, sunburns, thermal and radiation burns, boils, dandruff, gum sores, dermatitis, edemas, hemorrhoids, inflammation in the eyes, insect bites and stings, psoriasis, skin rashes and irritations, ulcers, varicose veins, warts, wounds and wrinkles. When you apply freshly squeezed aloe vera gel on the affected area of the skin, it creates a protective coating which speeds up the healing process, decreases swelling and redness, reduces inflammation, relieves pain, promotes synthesis of collagen in tissue and prevents blisters in case of burns. Taken internally, it reduces inflammation which is involved in such diseases as ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and gastritis, helps with the reduction of blood sugar with both type I and II diabetes and has a powerful healing effect on Aids, cancer, tumors and many different immune system disorders. Mucopolysaccharides found in aloe vera are very effective intracellular antioxidants which is very important in preventing and treating arteriosclerosis, heart disorders and Parkinson's disease. Read more here...

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An experiment of Bealphares

And make suffumigations to thy selfe, and to thy fellowe or fellowes, with frankincense, mastike, lignum aloes then put it in wine, and saie with good devotion, in the worship of the high God almightie, all together, that he may defend you from all evils. And when he that is maister will close the spirit, he shall saie towards the east, with meeke and devout devotion, these psalmes and praiers as followeth here in order.

The Pentacle of Protection

Pentacle Talismans Chamois

On a Tuesday or Saturday midnight, with the moon waxing, cast and purify your regular circle, using an incense of either pure dragon's-blood resin or one compounded of one part church incense, one part lignum aloes, one part powdered alum, and five drops of Cedarwood oil. Then take some of your talisman paper, and from it cut three four-inch squares. Exorcise these with fire and water. Sachet powders generally contain two types of these the agents and the base. The latter often contains an herb such as orris root, patchouli leaves, rose petals, or some pulverized wood base such as sandalwood, lignum aloes, Cedarwood shaving, and the like. These should always be well mixed

Love Incense

Traditionally, witches used to make this of musk, lignum aloes, red coral powder, tincture of ambergris, and rose petals, mingled with a few drops of pigeon's blood and the desiccated brain of a All or any of the flowery perfumes are appropriate to these operations, so if you should wish to substitute for the ambergris, which even in its synthetic form can be quite expensive, you may safely employ oils of myrtle, jasmine, rosemary, violet, verbena, or sandalwood - frankly whichever you happen to find the most seductive. You may even mingle in a perfume you intimately connect with one of your climactic experiences of the past to great advantage. Coral powder, traditionally has a magical affinity with operations of love, but again, due to its comparative rarity, many modern witches also omit this. The ground rose petals and the powdered lignum aloes provide a very good solid base to mingle the flower oils or essences with. Musk and civet essences may also be mingled to great advantage...


1st Lammas (also known as Lughnasadh), one of the four major sabbats celebrated each year by Witches and other Pagans, is observed on this day. The traditional herbs associated with this sabbat include acacia flowers, aloes, cornstalks, cyclamen, fenugreek, frankincense, heather, hollyhock, myrtle, oak, sunflower, and wheat. As a thanksgiving offering to the Goddess, many Wiccans bake a loaf of corn bread and lay it upon their altar.

Aloe and Your Health

Aloe and Your Health

This іѕ а health guide, whісh саn hеlр people knоw hоw tо mаkе uѕе оf Aloe vera tо improve оvеrаll health аnd deal wіth mаnу kinds оf diseases.

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